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garage to bedroom conversion

How to Convert Your Garage Into A Bedroom – A Guide

20 Aug 2018

Considering a garage conversion to a bedroom? Turning a garage into a peaceful place for slumber may seem like a big leap. Careful planning will be needed to ensure every…

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garage conversion

Garage Conversion Ideas

17 Aug 2018

Looking for garage conversion ideas? Converting your garage opens up a whole world of options, and allows you to transform an unused garage into your dream room refuge. When deciding…

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How to Convert Your Garage – Garage Conversion Guide

3 Aug 2018

A garage conversion is an easy way to maximise usable space and add value to your property. If you garage is unused, why not transform it into a gym, arts…

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Doormatic Featured on Channel 4’s ‘Inside Out Homes’

1 Jun 2018

As part of a stunning home overhaul, Doormatic’s work has been featured on Channel 4’s new series, ‘Inside Out Homes’. The episode, aired 22nd May, followed couple Geoff and Jess…

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Top Garage Storage Ideas – with Infographic!

5 Sep 2017

If your garage is looking a little cluttered there are plenty of simple garage storage solutions to keep it neat, tidy, and looking as good on the inside as it…

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Connect Your Garage Doors To The Great Outdoors…

7 Dec 2015

Generally, an overhead door will offer a way to connect with the outdoors and allow the outside world to become a part of your home. Although garage doors are mainly…

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How To Make The Most Of Your Garage Storage Space

30 Nov 2015

What do you have hiding in your garage? If you answered a “car” then well done, you’re one of a few who do. According to research, over 25% of people…

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How To Turn Your Garage Into A Gym

26 Oct 2015

Turning your garage into your own private gym isn’t for everyone, but one active couple found a great way to utilize their garage space by transforming it into a year…

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Five Factors To Keep In Mind When Expanding Your Garage

19 Oct 2015

Don’t create an excessive amount of space Getting that little bit of extra room inside your garage is something that everyone wants. You are able to increase the ability to…

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How to Free Up Space In Your Garage By Using Overhead Storage

21 Sep 2015

Okay, so you probably haven’t seen your garage’s floor since the very first day you moved in or had it built. It’s been taken over by the bins, leftover supplies,…

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3 Things That Must NEVER Be Stored In Your Garage!

31 Aug 2015

Although we may not get many sunny days in our summer in the UK, but when we do, you can guarantee everyone’s outside on the patio catching the summer sun…

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Bundle-Up Your Garage From The Cold

29 Jun 2015

Dino said it best: Baby, it’s cold outside. Although the official start to winter is still a awhile away, much of the country is already experiencing winter-like temperatures and will…

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