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garage door fitting diy dangers

Garage Door Fitting and DIY danger

10 Nov 2016

Garage door fitting is not as easy a DIY job as some garage door suppliers – including major high street companies – will lead you to believe. In fact, garage…

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How To Keep Your Garage Heated SAFELY This Winter

29 Feb 2016

As usual, it has been another cold winter in the UK, one that was predicted to be the coldest one yet with prolonged periods of temperatures below average. When you…

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Doormatic’s Garage Safety Guide

2 Nov 2015

Not only is your garage your storage area for unused household items, tools, chemicals and car equipment; your garage is your workshop. Although your garage is incredible useful for storage…

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The Benefits Of Wind Tested Garage Doors

14 Sep 2015

If you are a regular reader of our Doormatic blog posts then you will have realised by now that you should only ever consider a garage door that has been…

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27 Jul 2015

Have you ever wondered how a garage door locks when an electric opener has been fitted? There are so many different ways that a garage door can lock by using…

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How To Child-Proof Your Garage

15 Jun 2015

Families with kids will be well aware about the necessity of child-proofing their homes; in particularly from infants and young children who like to share curiosity for the most dangerous…

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11 Tips to Improve Garage Door Security

27 Apr 2015

Many homeowners like to keep their garage door remote on the car visor for easy access, however, if you are not locking up properly at night, it can also give…

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A Garage Door Safety Checklist From The Experts

24 Apr 2015

Modern garage doors are generally very safe to use, no matter what their size or style and just as you would want them to operate properly, you also want it…

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Roller Doors – The Most Secure Garage Doors

18 Mar 2015

Security is a major concern for most people when they buy a garage door. If you are in the process of choosing your next garage door, its security and safety…

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Garage Door Safety and Security Tips

14 May 2014

Modern garage doors are generally very safe to use, no matter what their size or style. However, they can be dangerous if not used properly, so there are some important…

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