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Are Roller Garage Doors Secure?

Are roller garage doors secure?

Safety & Security

Yes! Roller garage doors are one of the most secure garage door types on the…
Are Garage Door Defenders Worth It?

Are garage door defenders worth it?


Every year there are thefts from homes up and down the country, and while the…
Common Garage Door Break-ins

Common garage door break-ins

Garage Doors

You’ve probably heard the saying that your home is your castle, and so it should…
Different Types of Garage Door Locks

Different types of garage door locks

Safety & Security

Your garage door might be where you store lots of important tools, your car, bikes,…
How To Secure a Garage Door

How to secure a garage door

Garage Doors

Garage door security isn’t always on everyone’s minds as much as it should be. Considering…
Can A New Garage Door Add Value to Your Home?

Can a new garage door add value to your home?


A new garage door will enhance your home in multiple areas, making it an attractive…
The Most Secure Garage Doors: The Best Types For Security

The most secure garage doors: the best types for securit...

Buying Advice

If you were to list what is most important to people when buying a new…
Garage Security Tips – How To Secure Your Garage Door

Garage security tips – how to secure your garage d...

Garage Doors

There are are many common mistakes people make with their garage door security. For example,…
How To Keep Your Garage Heated SAFELY This Winter

How to keep your garage heated safely this winter

Garage Doors

As usual, it has been another cold winter in the UK, one that was predicted…
Doormatic’s Garage Safety Guide

Doormatic’s garage safety guide

Garage Doors

Not only is your garage your storage area for unused household items, tools, chemicals and…
The Benefits Of Wind Tested Garage Doors

The benefits of wind tested garage doors

Buying Advice

If you are a regular reader of our Doormatic blog posts then you will have…

Are garage doors secure with an electric operator?


Have you ever wondered how a garage door locks when an electric opener has been…
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