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Doormatic Sponsor Ruislip Rangers U13’s!

27 Jul 2020

At Doormatic, we’re proud to announce our new sponsorship of the Ruislip Rangers U13 Clarets team.  We always believe in supporting local communities and football is a great way of…

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Contactless Garage Door Surveys

Contactless Garage Door Surveys

17 Mar 2020

Here at Doormatic, in response to the current outbreak of Covid-19, we’ve decided to launch contactless garage door surveys! In line with government guidelines and commitments to new and existing…

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Watch Out For the Secret Costs of Buying a “Cheap” Garage Door

22 Feb 2016

Whether you are looking to buy a new home or a new TV unit, the main priority seems to remain the same, we all want to get a bargain! However,…

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How To Boost Your Curb Appeal With Your Garage Door

21 Dec 2015

Ever since the 1980’s, builders  have been searching for different ways to provide bigger homes at cheap prices. With the increasing land costs and smaller sizes, this has made this…

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Connect Your Garage Doors To The Great Outdoors…

7 Dec 2015

Generally, an overhead door will offer a way to connect with the outdoors and allow the outside world to become a part of your home. Although garage doors are mainly…

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Doormatic, the Garage Door experts

14 Feb 2015

Just like anything, such as going to the dentist or giving your car an MOT, a garage door needs regular care and checkups in order for it to function properly.…

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