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Watch Out For the Secret Costs of Buying a “Cheap” Garage Door

Whether you are looking to buy a new home or a new TV unit, the main priority seems to remain the same, we all want to get a bargain!


However, there are moments when you need to think about “getting more for less” ends up being less because the quality of product will never live up to the minimal standards. Then, you end up spending more money on buying the same product when you would’ve saved money by getting the quality item the first time round. And, it’s not just about the money wasted, it’s the stress and inconvenience of having to be without the working product.


So, the whole point in why we’re discussing this is because the same applies to garage doors. There are too many garage door companies out there claiming to offer great deals with an attractive price tag. Yes they are cheap, but within a couple of years or even months, you can expect the pricey repair bills to emerge. These problems usually consist of the following:

  • Broken torsion springs needing to be replaced
  • Broken door cable needing to replaced
  • Cheap rollers making the garage doors open incorrectly, therefore needing to be replaced
  • Cheap paint begins to crack and peel
  • Cold drafts begin to creep through due to poor installation, meaning expensive heating bills.


And what’s more? – the cheap garage doors can even put you and your family at risk. The problems stated above such as the broken door cable, these kind of risks are dangerous and can affect the entire garage door system.


If the door becomes stuck, then this is obviously a welcome invitation to thieves who are constantly on the lookout for an easy opportunity. Do not make their jobs even easier for them, of course they’re going to walk in and walk out of your garage as opposed to picking a lock from a higher end garage door. Not only will theives want to enter, ice will too and it will ensure the door stays stuck in the freezing weather.


At Doormatic we thrive on value, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to find a product that’s great value. Just like when you buy a new car, garage doors have many different models and features at various prices.


However, just to keep your property, finances and sanity in check, we advise you to stay away from the “too good to be true” cheap garage door price tags. The motto, you get what you pay for is certainly true in this case and you will soon realise this as the time goes on after buying one.

To find out more about our high quality garage doors that all come with a full guarantee, give one of our advisers a call at Doormatic today. We will be happy to discuss our affordable garage doors and opportunities that will ensure your custom will be rewarding rather than one of regret.

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