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Garage Door Price Guide

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Want to better understand what the average garage door price is for your home? At Doormatic, we supply quality garage doors with a rapid turnaround time. Just select your options in the form below to get a ballpark figure.

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Garage Door Price Guide

How much is a garage door?

We know it’s important for you to understand what the prices of garage doors are, which is why we provide an easy quotation service as well as free surveys. But if you’re starting without any measurements or any idea of the style you’re after, here are some price ranges to give you a better guide for garage door costs:

Roller garage door prices

Single £1200 – £2200

Double £3000 – £3500

Sectional garage door prices

Single £5000 – £6000

Double £9000 – £10,000

Up and over garage door prices

Single £750 – £4000

Double £2000 – £7000

Side-hinged garage door prices

Single £1500 – £5000

Automatic & electric garage door prices

Single £1500 – £7000

Double £2500 – £10,000

Does the garage door type impact cost?

Yes, as you can see from the approximate ranges above, the garage door type you choose will inevitably factor into the cost, with certain designs costing more than others. However, you can opt for any style of door and customise it with different features, so don’t forget that it’s not just the design that can shape your quote.

Garage door considerations

There’s a lot to consider when choosing your garage door and it all plays a part in forming your quote. At Doormatic, we work hard to give you as accurate a quote as possible, so it’s important that you factor in the various elements of a garage door that you can customise.

When you’re trying to get an accurate garage door price, make sure you’ve thought about:

No matter what the answers are to these questions, at Doormatic, we’ll help you find the best garage door to suit your budget. Our experts are always happy to discuss your different options to tailor the right door to you.

Is a new garage door worth it?

Getting a new garage door for your home comes with many benefits, making the investment worth every penny.

Not only can a new garage door elevate the look of your home if your old one is worn and tired looking, but it can also increase security. You can add extra security features to bolster this, but a new, robust-looking door is going to be more of a deterrent to thieves than an old door that wobbles in the frame or that is dented and rusted.

Another practical benefit of a new garage door is often the increased insulation for your home. We all know energy bills keep rising, so it makes a lot of sense to invest in a way to retain more of the heat in your home – something insulated garage doors can really help with if you have an old door. This will save money on bills, with the potential for the new door to eventually pay for itself if you stay at the property long enough.

Saving money on your bills is one thing, but how about recouping your investment as well? A new garage door adds extra value to your home when you eventually come to sell it, since it’s one less thing for potential buyers to think about. You’ll get more money back from your home this way, making it a very wise investment.

One last thing to consider is that if you’ve inherited an old door that doesn’t suit your taste, takes up too much space or isn’t practical for your needs, then a garage door replacement cost will be worth it just to make your life easier!

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