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Garage Door Buyers Guide

Read our Garage Door Buyers Guide for helpful advice on the different types of doors available and each of their pros and cons, so you can choose the right garage door for you.

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How a garage door can save you money

How a Garage Door Can Save You Money (Infographic)

10 May 2021

A new garage door is an investment, not only because it enhances the look of your property, but because it can save you money long-term in a whole host of…

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Is a Garage Door Worth the Investment?

18 Dec 2020

Investing in your garage door is a wise decision if you’ve never upgraded or if it’s been a long time since you last did. It’s obviously an outlay of money…

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What is the best material for a garage door?

What Is the Best Material For a Garage Door?

10 Aug 2020

Choosing the wrong material for your garage door will cost you time and money. There’s no best garage door material — all have their advantages — but you want to…

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Insulated vs non-insulated garage doors

Insulated vs Non-insulated Garage Doors

23 Jul 2020

Understanding which garage door would be best for your property isn’t always easy. There’s a wide variety of different styles out there, and each and every one of them has…

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What Are The Different Types of Garage Doors?

What Are The Different Types of Garage Doors?

6 Mar 2020

Here at Doormatic, we supply and install a huge variety of garage doors with the highest levels of quality and security. With so many different types of garage doors on…

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roller garage doors vs sectional garage doors

Which is Best? Roller Garage Doors vs Sectional Garage Doors

20 Sep 2019

If you’re in the market for a brand new garage door, choosing one specific style over another is a challenge — especially when they’re so evenly matched. Roller doors and…

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most secure garage doors

The Most Secure Garage Doors: The Best Types For Security

14 Aug 2019

If you were to list what is most important to people when buying a new garage door, security would feature very close to the top. Protecting your home, and the…

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Timber Garage Door

Insulated Garage Doors: The Best Garage Doors For Insulation & Energy Efficiency

9 Jul 2019

Garages are generally purpose-built rooms, used to shelter vehicles and to store surplus goods, but what if you had the flexibility to change your garage into a habitable room? Perhaps…

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UK garage door sizes

Garage Doors Sizes Guide – Standard Garage Door Dimensions

3 Jul 2019

When choosing a garage door, you often have no say over its size – it’s either a single or a double and you simply find a door that fits the…

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Up & Over Garage Doors

Building A Garage Extension Guide: How To Add A Garage To Your Home

12 Apr 2019

Want to know how to add a garage to your home? Whether you’re looking to build an extension from an existing building or wish to have a separate garage structure…

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automated garage doors

Automated Garage Doors Benefits

9 Dec 2016

Those of you who’ve already discovered the joys of automated garage doors will know exactly how satisfying they are to have and operate. Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like…

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Watch Out For the Secret Costs of Buying a “Cheap” Garage Door

22 Feb 2016

Whether you are looking to buy a new home or a new TV unit, the main priority seems to remain the same, we all want to get a bargain! However,…

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