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automated garage doors


Get answers to our frequently asked questions about garage door warranties, payment, installation processes and more.

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Garage Door Glossary of Terms

28 Sep 2017

Here at Doormatic, we offer a vast array of garage doors and their associated products. When shopping for the perfect garage door, sometimes you may find yourself stumbling upon a…

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3 Questions To Ask Your Garage Door Experts

28 Dec 2015

In the spirit of making New Year’s resolutions for 2016, you may have thought about giving your garage door a makeover. It’s important to try and put the excitement to…

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How To Protect Your Family From Hackers!

5 Oct 2015

Did you know that a child’s toy can now hack into any garage door system in just a couple seconds? Usually, when people hear the word “hacking” they instantly associate…

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3 Aug 2015

When answering this question Hormann believe all garage doors should be as insulated as much as it can be made possible. Hormanns range of aluminium front entrance doors otherwise known…

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Simple Ways to Save Money and Reduce Stress

6 Jul 2015

It does not have to be late December or early January where you make a new year resolution. Why not make yours in the middle of the year and switch…

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The Most Common Garage Door Myths BUSTED By The Experts

11 May 2015

Myth #1 You Will Save Money if You Only Call a Door Technician When Something Breaks As you very well know, the garage door is the largest moving object in…

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3 Easy Steps to Re-program Your Garage Door

23 Mar 2015

Whether your door is new, or has served you for years, now may be the time to re-program your garage door opener.   Don’t let the term “re-program your garage…

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Garage door Weather-stripping – How hard can it be?

26 Nov 2014

Garage door Weather-stripping serves the purpose of keeping the cold and the heat out of your garage. However, there are two types of weather-stripping such as top and side, and…

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The Top 5 Garage Door Myths Explained: Fact or Fiction

10 Nov 2014

When browsing for your new garage door, it’s imperative that you separate the facts from the myths to ensure you make the right decision – without regret. However, separating myths…

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5 Simple Garage Door Tips from the Experts

26 Sep 2014

Nobody wants to experience the scenario of your automatic garage door, which has served you well and reliably over the years, suddenly decides to go on vacation and leave you…

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How To Make Your Garage Door Pet Friendly

25 Sep 2014

If you’re an animal lover and share your home with one or more cats, dogs, hamsters or other cuddly creatures that aimlessly wander around your driveway, then one of your…

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The Ideal Drive-Through Width for Your Garage

21 Jun 2014

When choosing a garage door, you often have no say over its size: you simply find a door that fits the available space. But what if you do have a…

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