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How To Convert Your Garage Into a Gym

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How To Convert Your Garage Into a Gym

Could you do with a mood boost and a project at home right now? Then we have great news. This month, we’re providing you with a guide for how to convert your garage into a gym.

There has never been a better time to think about your fitness from home. Not only are we currently restricted from going to public gyms, but exercise and healthy living are also really high on the agenda. Being able to exercise not only keeps you healthy – meaning you’re less likely to suffer extreme effects if you get sick – but it also releases serotonin, which helps to boost our mood. So if you could do all this from home, why wouldn’t you?

Take a look at some of the essential steps you can take to create a workout space – whether you’re a fan of weights, cardio or yoga.



Most garages feature a concrete floor. It’s cold, it’s hard and not really a good surface to workout on – even worse if you have any expensive equipment. 

This calls for some sturdy but forgiving gym floor tiles. These durable tiles are really easy to install as they usually come in a form which allows you to simply snap them together to fit into the space you have. You can usually cut the edges down if you want to install them to cover the whole floor with no gaps, wall-to-wall. 

These tiles will absorb the shock of equipment, but should hopefully also help to prevent injuries. Plus, in future, if you want to change the purpose of your garage, you can always pull these tiles up and store them again until you need to use the space as a gym again.

Top Tip: Be sure to clean your garage floor before laying tiles. Give it a good sweep and possibly even take a mop to it if it’s really dirty. This will give you a clean space to work with, just make sure it has dried out before laying tiles.


Insulation in garage for gym

We all know that garages aren’t the warmest spaces, and while that’s ideal for working out in the summer – you may even need to crack the door open a little! – it’s not going to make keeping fit in colder months any easier. 

Choosing an insulated garage door is going to do two things. Firstly, a quality garage door, properly fitted, will reduce draughts from getting in. Secondly, a garage door made with added insulative properties will help you to keep the heat in and the cold out. That means you can then introduce a portable heater into your garage when you’re exercising, safe in the knowledge you’ll keep more of that heat inside.


Security features in garage gym

If you’ve invested in gym equipment such as a running machine, weights bench or even some simple dumbbells and resistance bands, you’ll want to keep them secure in the garage. This means you’ll want to increase security. Here are three things you can do:

  • Install an alarm sensor in your garage – this will trigger if anyone tries to break into your private garage gym
  • Upgrade to a side-hinged garage door – these give you privacy from prying eyes since you don’t have to open the garage all the way to let a little air in
  • Consider automatic garage doors, since they give you greater control over security as only you will be able to control the opening of the door


Storage space in garage

Finally, what about storage? If you’re planning on getting a full-body workout, you’re going to need a range of equipment. This could be large machines, but it’ll also probably mean smaller items such as weights, skipping ropes, kettlebells and perhaps even your clothes and accessories. 

You should plan in some storage for your garage to keep all of your home gym equipment in one place. This can come in the form of shelving – but don’t overload them! – and cabinets, or you could opt to install storage overhead (roller garage doors are ideal if you want to keep space overhead in your garage as they roll vertically into a cassette). It’s important to plan for this storage before you start moving equipment in, so be sure to measure and perhaps even lay tape where you’d like things to go to ensure everything will fit without it becoming cramped.

Top Tip: Slatwall panels are a great addition to your walls as you can adapt your storage space to install wall hooks for bikes, coathangers for clothes and even floating storage cabinets and baskets. Just slot in the different storage options and play around to get the optimal arrangement.

Are you considering turning your garage into a home gym? There’s never been a better time to take advantage of the space and keep your fitness up at home. Whether you want greater insulation, more privacy or automation from your garage door, look no further than Doormatic. We’re here to help customers throughout Surrey, Kent, Berkshire and the surrounding region with high-quality garage doors from the leading manufacturers. We’ll supply and install the best garage door to suit your needs with an immaculate finish and increased security. Contact our professional team today for more details.

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