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Garage Door Repairs: Common Problems to Look Out For

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Garage Door Repairs: Common Problems to Look Out For

High-quality garage doors are designed to work smoothly for many years, especially those from the best manufacturers. However, they can still go wrong from time to time and while some problems can be minor, some can be a lot more serious.

Here are some of the most common problems where repairs may be required. Sometimes you may be able to sort out the situation on your own, but where this is not possible, always make sure you call out a professional.

The Door Becomes Stuck

If you have a manual garage door, look for possible obstructions in the wheel track. You may find that some debris have become lodged, or it may just be dirty. If there is nothing, it could be due to a lack of lubricant, which can be affected by weather conditions. If this is not a problem, the door may not have been hung correctly in the first place.

If the door is operated remotely, check the batteries, switches and the sensors. If you cannot see anything that is causing the problem, call a specialist to check it over.

Remote Control Stops Working

This can be very frustrating if you have an electric garage door, and there could be a range of possible problems causing it. Firstly, check that you are in range. If so, check the batteries. If you need to replace them, you may then have to reprogram me the remote. If it still does not work, check the wall switch to see if that works. If it does, the problem is definitely the remote or the garage door sensors and it’s possible you may need to get them replaced.

Uneven Door Movement

If your door moves unevenly, it could be that there is an obstruction in the tracks. Check the tracks for any debris and clear out what you find, then clean the tracks. If that does not work, check that the springs are the same length and stretch the same amount. If you have an electric door, check the motors to see if they are faulty.

Door Opens Too Fast

This can be dangerous, so if you notice it opening quickly, make sure you stop using it immediately. It could be that a cable has broken or a spring has become loose. Examine everything with care if you know how, but you will probably need to hire an expert to check it over.

Call a Professional When You Are Unsure

Unless you can fix your garage door quickly and simply on your own, you will need to call out a specialist repair person. Springs and cables must be repaired professionally, and trying to do this yourself can be dangerous. If your door just needs a clean, you may be able to do this, but don’t try to fix something when you don’t know how as you could end up making it a lot worse.

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