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Five Factors To Keep In Mind When Expanding Your Garage

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Five Factors To Keep In Mind When Expanding Your Garage

  1. Don’t create an excessive amount of space

Getting that little bit of extra room inside your garage is something that everyone wants. You are able to increase the ability to hold several vehicles and you can include your personal office, laundry area, or perhaps even a small gym.

However, you shouldn’t create so much space that you remove space from your valuable garden. Before expanding your garage, consider just how much space you would like for the expansion and just how much garden space you really have. If you discover you’ll have taken up an excessive amount of your garden, you should think about building and setting up a vehicle lift in order to save space.

  1. Be Conscious About Plumbing And Electric

If you’re looking to include a workplace or perhaps a laundry room, then you will have to consider plumbing and electric. You may want to add extra pipes or improve your garage’s wiring system. Automatic washers uses water and dryers uses electricity, and the same goes for any office tools you may use in your new workstation. Consider whether your garage is designed for the additional electrical and/or plumbing work that you’ll want in your expansion.

  1. Be Functional

Regardless if you are hoping to expand your garage to create room for an additional vehicle or if you are looking to increase space for storage, you’ll need to consider functionality. Will you be needing more storage cabinets? Will you be needing a work bench? Will you need to park a variety of cars inside your garage at the same time? You have to picture each scenario inside your mind for instance, should you park two cars inside your garage at the same time, are you going to have sufficient space for individuals to pass through? If you are establishing a workplace inside your garage, you might want to think about a collapse desk so that you can move it when it isn’t being used.

This task is better done with the aid of a garage design expert. Speak with them and tell them what you’re wishing to attain with your space and also have them provide you with a list of suggestions that you will need to consider further.

  1. Be a Good Neighbour

It’s worth noting that building makeovers will never be a basic job. Your garage expansion can get very noisy, so be kind and inform your neighbours ahead of time, especially should they have young children or if they’re seniors.

  1. Hire a specialist

And last but not least, hire an expert; when we say an expert we mean a professional who has experience in the trade. If you’re looking to do it yourself, think again. Unless you work in the garage expansion trade, you most likely won’t have all the necessary know-how to completely build a garage expansion. Most importantly, you could get seriously injured or worse, injure your family.

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