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Burglar attempting to break in secure garage door

How To Secure a Garage Door

20 May 2021

Garage door security isn’t always on everyone’s minds as much as it should be. Considering that many people keep different types of valuables in their garage, it’s important to ensure…

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How a Garage Door Can Save You Money (Infographic)

10 May 2021

A new garage door is an investment, not only because it enhances the look of your property, but because it can save you money long-term in a whole host of…

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How To Convert Your Garage Into a Gym

24 Feb 2021

Could you do with a mood boost and a project at home right now? Then we have great news. This month, we’re providing you with a guide for how to…

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How to stop daught from my garage door

How to Stop a Draught Coming Through My Garage Door

26 Jan 2021

During the colder, windier months of the year, you might start to notice that your garage door is letting in a draught – especially if you have an up and…

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How to Convert Your Garage Into a Home Office

18 Dec 2020

For many people up and down the UK, there has never been a better time to think about a home office. However, many homes won’t have a room spare for…

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Is a Garage Door Worth the Investment?

18 Dec 2020

Investing in your garage door is a wise decision if you’ve never upgraded or if it’s been a long time since you last did. It’s obviously an outlay of money…

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How to fix broken garage door cable

How to Fix Up and Over Garage Door Cable

27 Nov 2020

Up and over garage doors are a popular style for many homes throughout the UK, mainly thanks to their space-saving feature of suspending the garage door overhead, preserving the width…

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Winter maintainence checks

Six Winter Garage Door Maintenance Tips

1 Oct 2020

You may have noticed the weather started to change last month, with more rain and colder mornings. That means autumn is here and that the weather will only start to…

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Garage Door Remote Stopped working

Garage Door Remote Stopped Working?

17 Sep 2020

You’re pressing the button, but nothing’s happening. If your garage door remote has stopped working then you’re losing out on the joys of automated garage doors. The whole point of…

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Can a garage door add value to your home?

Can A New Garage Door Add Value to Your Home?

10 Aug 2020

A new garage door will enhance your home in multiple areas, making it an attractive prospect for all types of buyers. This article will explain how your garage door improves…

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What is the best material for a garage door?

What Is the Best Material For a Garage Door?

10 Aug 2020

Choosing the wrong material for your garage door will cost you time and money. There’s no best garage door material — all have their advantages — but you want to…

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Doormatic Sponsor Ruislip Rangers U13’s!

27 Jul 2020

At Doormatic, we’re proud to announce our new sponsorship of the Ruislip Rangers U13 Clarets team.  We always believe in supporting local communities and football is a great way of…

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