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How To Keep Your Garage Cool In Summer

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How To Keep Your Garage Cool In Summer

Turn your garage into a respite from the summer heat with our handy tips. 

Whether your garage is used for car storage and you want to keep your vehicle nice and cool, or you use a garage as a home office or gym and need to shield it from soaring temperatures, there are some easy ways to keep it usable in the warmer weather. 

So let’s explore how to keep your garage cool in summer. 

How to keep garage cool in summer - Doormatic

Why do garages get so hot? 

Why do garages get so hot - Doormatic

Garages can seem far hotter than other areas of the home. This can be for multiple reasons, some stemming from individual circumstances. 

For example, if the garage door is a dark colour, this will absorb heat. Improper insulation, lack of ventilation, hard concrete floors, poor shading, or storage of lots of heat-generating equipment can all also contribute. 

Factors beyond your control, such as the location of the garage, can also play their parts. 

How do you block heat from a garage door? 

Blocking the entry of heat is one technique for preventing your garage from heating up in the first place. 

Installing blinds or curtains can stop the sun’s rays from entering through any windows. You could also consider placing a retractable awning over the garage door which can safely be tucked away out of sight in colder months. For a more natural solution, a tree or other foliage can provide some shade. 

How To Cool Your Garage

How to cool a garage - Doormatic

If you’ve tried blocking heat entry and your garage still creeps to unfavourably hot temperatures, here are some things you can do to cool it: 

  • Insulate your garage property with weather-stripping or wall insulation. You might also consider replacing your old garage door with a well-insulated model, keeping the space cool in summer and warm in winter. This investment will help you stay comfortable in the space all year round, protect your car and equipment from extreme weather damage, and may also reduce energy bills in winter. 
  • Let your recently used car or garden equipment cool down before storing it. 
  • Paint the garage with light colours or reflective paints. 
  • Ensure that your garage ventilation system is fully up to date and effective. 
  • Shade the garage with trees, awnings and blinds. 
  • Fit a ceiling fan to create a breeze or set up a few standing fans. 
  • A busy or cluttered space can actually raise the temperature of a space so declutter the garage to decrease temperature and improve airflow. 

The comfort of your garage starts with the door — so to discover more about your options, get in touch with our technicians today. 

Doormatic are the leading garage door experts for the South East. With hundreds of garage doors to choose from, you’re sure to find a product that suits your home’s style. We provide a complete service that covers supply, fitting, maintenance and repairs, so you can keep your garage in the best possible condition all year round. Get in touch to find out more. 


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