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How To Turn Your Garage Into a Games Room

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How to turn your garage into a games room

How To Turn Your Garage Into a Games Room

Whether it’s the prospect of future lockdowns or just the urge to carve out a space of your own, you’d be forgiven for thinking more about how you can better use the space you have.

A games room might not be something you’ve considered before, but if you have a garage then you’ve got the perfect space for one. As long as you can find space elsewhere for things you currently store in your garage, you’ll be able to make your very own room in which to unwind, entertain guests or simply get some you-time.

To help you better plan for this, we’ve got some must-have items and some top tips for how to turn your garage into a games room.

For Entertainment

The key part of the term ‘games room’ is “games”. No space would be complete without ways to entertain yourself – or guests – so let’s dive right in and look at some of the best items you could add to a games room.

  • Arcade cabinets – Whether retro or brand new, arcade cabinets are the ultimate games room item. Taking you back to the days when you could spend hours glued to games, these are a fun and stylish addition.
  • Foosball table – Another classic item, it’s a simple but addictive game if you’ve got someone to play with. It doesn’t have to be cheap-looking either – if you have the money you can find some pretty stylish tables these days.
  • Dartboard – Taking up far less room, dartboards give you a classic game that you can play with others or by yourself. Just make sure you have the room to set the oche line far enough back from the wall.

Of course, all these things require space, so you’ll have to plan carefully to see that you’ve got the room to fit them in. We recommend mocking up a floor plan before turning the space into a games room – this way you can plot the layout and work out what will work better where (we’ll talk about power issues later on in this piece).

For Comfort

A games room has to be fun, but it should also be comfortable, somewhere you can fritter away a whole evening without having to leave. Here are our recommendations to ramp up the comfort levels.

  • Mini-fridge – That’s right, a mini-fridge for snacks and drinks. How else would you keep up your energy? Keep it well stocked and you won’t need to keep toing and froing.
  • Insulated garage door – Garages are not the warmest places, so if you’re going to use it as a games room, you’ll need to ensure you have an insulated garage door installed. That way, if you bring in a portable heater, you can heat the room up and retain that warmth for longer, meaning you’ll want to stay there longer too.
  • Beanbag chairs – There are so many options for seating that you could choose from, but there’s nothing more relaxing than sinking into a beanbag chair. They’re so soft and malleable that you and your friends could sit around talking and playing games for hours.

Everyone has different ideas of what comfort is, so plot your room around the things that would make you more inclined to use the space more often. Something like replacing your current garage door is an investment worth making if you really want to turn your garage into the ultimate games room.

For Style

A games room is not a bedroom, it doesn’t require muted tones or symmetrical candlestick holders. This is your chance to make a statement in an exclusive area of your home, and to help you do that, here are three things you could consider.

  • Neon signs – Games rooms tend to be dark, so bring a little bit of vibrancy by putting up a neon sign. You can get them designed in all sorts of shapes these days, or you could opt for something more pop-culture-related such as the Central Perk sign from the show Friends or a light-up version of the Ghostbusters logo – little quirks to make the space your own.
  • Rugs – Soft furnishings don’t have to be fancy, but rugs on the floor are going to help things stay a little warmer and look a little more inviting. You could set rugs out all across the floor depending on how big the space is, or just place them strategically where you’ll be playing games.
  • Artwork – While a games room doesn’t have to feature in glossy house magazines, it doesn’t have to be a grotty, stereotypical “man cave” either. Make a games room your own but also boost the style with some carefully chosen artwork. These can be famous modernist paintings or classic film posters.

Everyone’s idea of style is a little different, and while it’s important to put your own mark on your games room, remember that it’s still meant to be a functional room in the home for you, the family and maybe even friends, so keep things tidy, smart and uncluttered.

For Practicality

Last but not least, it’s the practical considerations. A games room is a great idea, but it needs a certain amount of planning and updating to ensure you can really make the most of it. Here are three things we think every garage games room is going to need.

  • Shelving – Whether it’s to hold video games, films or general games equipment, by adding shelving – or even a bookcase – you can keep things tidy. This storage space should be carefully planned to make the best of the space, but it could also be used to help divide the space up if placed away from the walls.
  • Extension cables – Power. A lot of things you might want in your games room will need power – including some of our recommendations like arcade cabinets and mini-fridges. Invest in some sturdy extension cables and make sure you’re always following safety guidelines when it comes to electrical requirements and loads.
  • Lighting – Neon signs or light-up logos add style, but if you’re playing games like pool or darts, you need a bit more light. Spotlights are great for this, especially adjustable ones that you can turn to focus on different areas of the room when you need them. Alternatively, floor-standing lamps could be a good option – if you have adequate power outlets for them.

The functionality of your games room might not seem like the most exciting point, but turning a garage into a games room requires a little more thought. By planning for the practical elements at the very start, you’re a lot more likely to succeed in creating a space that everyone wants to be in.

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