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Why Won’t My Garage Door Open or Close?

6 Dec 2017

Will your garage door not open or close? Even if your door is of the highest quality, it may still experience problems from time to time. Most garage door issues…

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garage door maintenance

12 Common Garage Door Problems… And How To Solve Them!

10 Mar 2017

We’re regularly asked to repair or replace garage doors, and very often the problem stems from something that could be avoided through regular maintenance. We’ve put together a top 12…

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Top 5 Garage Door Issues

18 May 2015

It’s incredibly ironic how many garage doors we repair that could have been easily dealt with by regular preventative maintenance. To ensure you are fully prepared for your next maintenance…

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How to Open a Garage Door That’s Frozen Shut

4 May 2015

Throughout the winter months you may have noticed that your garage door has been working slower than usual or you may have found that it hasn’t been opening at all.…

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What Your Squeaky Garage Door Might Be Trying To Say…

4 Apr 2015

Whether your home is the traditional model or brand new, there will be the odd occasion when you may hear wind noise or the light scurrying of a squirrel on…

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How To Open Your Garage Door In A Power Cut!

15 Mar 2015

Don’t be left in the dark due to a lack of spark!   Although power cuts are quite often a rare occurrence across the UK, when they do happen, they…

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How to stop water from leaking in your garage door

18 Nov 2014

It’s an ugly sight: you’ve opened your garage door early in the morning, only to find that all that heavy rain from last night has left behind a puddle on…

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From pesky problems to creative solutions, fix your doors now!

22 Oct 2014

The Garage door is probably the most underrated household function across the UK and often because of this, the same common problems seem to arise time and time again. Here…

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