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Category: Bespoke

UK garage door sizes

Garage Doors Sizes Guide – Standard Garage Door Dimensions

3 Jul 2019

When choosing a garage door, you often have no say over its size – it’s either a single or a double and you simply find a door that fits the…

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Five Factors To Keep In Mind When Expanding Your Garage

19 Oct 2015

Don’t create an excessive amount of space Getting that little bit of extra room inside your garage is something that everyone wants. You are able to increase the ability to…

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How to find a Garage Door Style in 3 Easy Steps

12 Oct 2015

At Doormatic, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. We completely encourage clients to test a method before they’re buying as this can often determine the difference between a…

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Signs that You’re Working with an Unprofessional or Unreliable Garage Door Company

8 Jun 2015

Here at Doormatic, the first thing you will notice about us is that we will never slate or insult our competition. Instead, as you’d expect from professionals, we focus on…

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The Importance of Getting a Made to Measure Garage Door

11 Jul 2014

Investing in a good garage door would be one of the best decisions any homeowner could make.  But what if this decision is made difficult for you by not seeing…

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