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The Importance of Getting a Made to Measure Garage Door

Investing in a good garage door would be one of the best decisions any homeowner could make.  But what if this decision is made difficult for you by not seeing anything in the company brochures that would suit your needs? Or perhaps you have an innovative idea for a garage door and want to see this come into fruition? Satisfied homeowners have solved similar problems by going for bespoke garage doors.

A made to measure garage door is perfect for those who are looking for a unique style/design or those whose garage door has an unconventional size.  This option is completely necessary for a number of reasons.

Constant Change

Companies manufacture ready to order garage doors based only on the most common garage door sizes.  But today, house designs are more varied.  Some contemporary designs have garage openings so high; its height could qualify as that of a traditional two-storey house, thus crossing it off company brochures that rather stick to the “standard size”.

Another reason for this is that you might have realised that the size of your newly purchased vehicle does not fit anymore into your garage opening.  This could be a really cumbersome experience especially if you do not know your options.

Bespoke Benefits

Bespoke garage doors are the ideal option if you are looking for precision and top notch functionality.  One Size Fits All garage doors are most often the reason why homeowners are dissatisfied since they discover that ease of use, durability, and other factors are compromised.  Ordering a made to measure garage door will keep you from going through such trouble.

Craftsmanship is given the utmost priority with bespoke garage doors.  Since it is handmade by a highly-qualified team, your exact specifications are given attention to with an eye, not just for the technicalities, but also for aesthetic purposes; something that no machine could do.

Aside from this, with bespoke garage doors, you have the option to choose the quality and kind of material to use, such as untreated wood.  You can also opt to customise such as requesting a certain shade of colour or incorporating a pet flap!

If you are someone who is looking for something that will give you the best functionality and would satisfy your flair for design, consider getting yourself a made to measure garage door.  It is guaranteed to be not just a short term satisfaction, but will be an investment that would stand the test of time.

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