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5 Reasons Why You Will Regret a DIY Garage Door

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5 Reasons Why You Will Regret a DIY Garage Door

When it comes to home improvement, there are many times when the DIY approach becomes a tempting bet. Mainly because of the amount of money it can save, and of course the huge boost to the ego when you accomplish something. However, there’s one job in particular that catches out even the most “expert” DIY’er, so nevermind those who are on their first DIY job: garage door replacement. Below are 5 reasons why:

  1. It’s not as easy as it looks

Did you know the term “garage door” actually means, highly complex? Ok, obviously not but it might as well mean that. Because in each element there are thousands of components and every single one has to be installed to perfection in order to function safely and smoothly. DIY’ers simply do not have the professional experience and expertise to get everything perfect the first time round, or even the second and third…

  1. They are actually REALLY heavy

You will be surprised at just how heavy garage doors are. Although there are some materials heavier than others, but generally any garage door is heavy enough to cause serious damage to anything that it falls upon. If a garage door isn’t properly installed then serious safety risks are waiting to happen. It could take anything for a fatal injury to occur such as strong winds, a football shot from a child playing on the street and more.

  1. It can void your guarantee

Garage doors are not an appliance; they are an asset. It’s important to protect your investment with a guarantee but it’s important to remember, DIY garage door attempts can lead to faults to your garage door that will not be covered by your property. These include, scratches, broken components and many more that were not a result of defective workmanship. Fixing the damage caused from DIY jobs will cost more than what it would’ve to of paid a professional to do the job properly – FACT.

  1. It can be fatal!

As said earlier, garage doors are a lot heavier than they look. And additionally, they have certain components that are extremely dangerous to handle such as wound springs and many more. For the first timers who do not know how to set up certain fragile components, you will risk injuring yourselves and those around you.

  1. It takes two to tango…

Many DIY’ers enjoy working alone and by their own schedule. While this is ok for certain home improvement tasks such as putting up the christmas decorations, putting up some shelves or wardrobes, and so on – garage door installation is 100% not a one-person job for DIY’ers!

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with giving it a go when it comes to small tasks around the house, fixing a leak, changing a light bulb and so on… However, here at Doormatic we can not stress this enough, garage door installation is NOT just a home improvement task and should NEVER be a DIY project.

If you want to replace or upgrade your existing garage door and are in need of expert advice from trusted professionals in the industry, give Doormatic a call today. Our team will be more than happy to provide you with the information you need to make the right choice.

Once you have made the choice to install a new garage door, our fully qualified expert installers will ensure every single detail is explained to you (just incase you want to tell your friends and family that all the magic was made by yourself – we won’t tell a soul!)

Give us a call today at Doormatic – We are here to help!

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