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3 Important benefits in choosing custom made

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3 Important benefits in choosing custom made

Usually when it comes to customizing the look of our homes we automatically think of colours, styles, landscape layouts etc… Garage doors however, surely there are only limited selections available to us? – You couldn’t be more wrong!

In fact, the surprising truth is that you can customise your garage doors with Doormatic at an affordable price too! A customised garage door not only compliments your homes unique décor but it additionally reflects your personality, preferences and style.

After all, your garage door is an extension of your home and is something you and passers-by see each time they walk past your house. Researching as to whether a custom garage door is the best option for you is certainly something that you should consider, and to help you with this Doormatic have written 3 benefits that you should keep in mind:

1.   Improved Durability

Although all of our garage doors here at Doormatic are built to last, custom made doors can give you that extra quality as you can simply choose the appropriate high quality materials such as, steel, wood etc…

2.   Curb appeal and added household value

Your home is unarguably the most valuable asset that you own whether it’s a shared ownership or not. Therefore, when it comes to making major home improvements it’s important to think about the future and how todays expensive could impact your re-sale value tomorrow. A new garage door boots your curb appeal and therefore attracts more buyers and makes a crucial impression.

3.   Made to measure

All custom made garage doors are made to fit one garage in the world and that’s yours! When we create customised garage doors for our customers we take into consideration every detail of your garage opening such as the floors, shape and design. We will compensate for any unbalances and create a garage door that you will be proud of. This type of luxury is of a level of perfection that you can see and feel and will be eager to show off to your friends and neighbours!

For more advice on custom designs then give the experts a call – were here to help!

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