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Garage Doors Sizes Guide – Standard Garage Door Dimensions

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UK garage door sizes

Garage Doors Sizes Guide – Standard Garage Door Dimensions

When choosing a garage door, you often have no say over its size – it’s either a single or a double and you simply find a door that fits the available space. That said, you might be planning to build a new, bespoke garage or renovate your existing garage. Whatever your situation, Doormatic Garage Doors are here to help. We will be covering the different garage door sizes, and how to measure up for a garage door installation, all to ensure you achieve a seamless and efficient installation. If you prefer, you can download our UK garage door sizes infographic for a handy reference guide!

Standard UK garage door dimensions

Common single garage door dimensions

Standard single garage door size 7 x 6'6

  • Width: 6ft 6in, height: 7ft (6’6ft by 7ft)


Standard single garage door size 7 x 7

  • Width: 7ft, height: 7ft (7ft by 7ft)

Single garage doors provide enough space for one small vehicle.


Standard single garage door sizes range

Standard single garage door sizes UK

Single garage doors typically range between 6ft to 10ft wide, and 6ft 6in to 7ft high.


Common double garage door dimensions

Standard double garage door size 14 x 7

  • Width: 14ft, height: 7ft (14ft by 7ft)


Standard double garage door size 16 x 7

  • Width: 16ft, height: 7ft (16ft by 7ft)

Double garage doors usually provide enough space for a larger vehicle or two small vehicles.

Standard double garage door sizes range

Standard double garage door sizes UK

Double garage door sizes usually range between 10ft 6in wide to 16ft wide, and 6ft 6in to 7ft high.


Bespoke garage doors

If you’re planning to build a bespoke garage, chances are your garage door will be too, which means your door is likely to be larger than the double garage door dimensions.

If you have multiple cars and wish to keep them indoors, a bespoke garage could be the perfect solution.


The size of your garage door can be affected by:

  • Building regulations
  • Design of the garage door
  • Width of the garage


Have you considered the space needed to open the garage door?

Not all garage doors will need extra space in order to operate flawlessly but for those garage doors that do, it’s vital you take into account the space that’s required for it to open and close without obstruction before installation. Accommodating to your restrictions will ensure seamless transitions and efficient use of your garage.


Have you checked the size of your car?

If your main purpose of your garage is to house your car, measure it and make sure it’ll fit. If you’ve changed cars or are looking to replace your current garage door, accurate measurements must be taken so there’s no trouble when it comes to fitting everything inside your garage.


How to measure your garage door

Take the measurements of the garage itself; this’ll give you a good indication of the space you have to play with, which is important if you’re looking for a different style of door. There are multiple styles of garage doors to choose from and each has their own unique mechanisms, so you may find that your new choice of door may take up more or less room to ensure it functions adequately. 

  • Measure the opening width – measuring from brick to brick, using a tape measure, take note of the horizontal length from one side to the other. 
  • Measure the opening height – taking the measuring tape, jot down the space from the floor to the highest point of the door space, also known as the lintel.
  • Measure side clearance – measure the ‘side wall’ depth of the door opening, from one edge to another.
  • Measure the roof clearance – the distance that runs between the underside of the lintel to the edge of the ceiling. 

If you are at all unsure, ask for professional advice or opt for a home survey. At Doormatic, we will provide these for free.


How many cars do you want to fit in your garage?

Ultimately, your decision will be affected by the types of cars you have. If you have a large 4×4, you are going to need more space than for a smaller model of car. Should you wish to store more than one car in your garage, you will require a double garage door, or something bespoke that’s wider. 

As a general rule, if you are keeping one car in your garage you should aim to make the opening about eight feet wide. If you will keep two cars in your garage you should double this to 16 feet.


Why double garages are in high demand

Cars have changed significantly over time and have become much wider, and the problem with a lot of garages is that they were built for the smaller cars we had years ago.

People with newer, ‘small’ cars, are now finding it increasingly difficult to park them into a standard 7ft single garage, causing unwanted scratches and damage to the car. This has created a high demand for bigger, double garage doors. By increasing the size of your garage door, your garage storage becomes much more of a flexible space for you to use – perfect should you wish to change your car or sell your home as the prospect of a double garage door is much more attractive. 

Choosing the right garage door for your needs

There is no firm answer as to which is the best type of door for your garage, and this is why it is a good idea to talk through your options with a specialist before making a decision.

Types of garage doors:

For your free quotation and a job well done, speak to Doormatic Garage Doors. We have a wealth of experience within the industry and a long history of happy customers. Get in touch today by telephone or email and we will be more than happy to cater to your requests. Explore our garage door prices guide for more information on pricing.

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