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Category: Garage Conversion


How To Convert Your Garage Into a Gym

24 Feb 2021

Could you do with a mood boost and a project at home right now? Then we have great news. This month, we’re providing you with a guide for how to…

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How to Convert Your Garage Into a Home Office

18 Dec 2020

For many people up and down the UK, there has never been a better time to think about a home office. However, many homes won’t have a room spare for…

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Single to double garage door conversions

How To Convert Single Garage Doors Into A Double

29 Oct 2019

Whether single or double garage doors are better is a topic that’s up for debate, but more and more people are starting to opt for a single-to-double garage door conversion.…

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garage heating ideas guide

How to Heat Your Garage: Our Guide to the Best Garage Heating Ideas

18 Sep 2019

If you use your garage for more than just storage, you’ll want to make sure that it’s comfortable enough to use for long periods at a time. Whether it’s been…

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Timber Garage Door

Insulated Garage Doors: The Best Garage Doors For Insulation & Energy Efficiency

9 Jul 2019

Garages are generally purpose-built rooms, used to shelter vehicles and to store surplus goods, but what if you had the flexibility to change your garage into a habitable room? Perhaps…

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garage to bedroom conversion

How to Convert Your Garage Into A Bedroom – A Guide

20 Aug 2018

Considering a garage conversion to a bedroom? Turning a garage into a peaceful place for slumber may seem like a big leap. Careful planning will be needed to ensure every…

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garage conversion

Garage Conversion Ideas

17 Aug 2018

Looking for garage conversion ideas? Converting your garage opens up a whole world of options, and allows you to transform an unused garage into your dream room refuge. When deciding…

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