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How to Convert Your Garage Into A Bedroom – A Guide

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garage to bedroom conversion

How to Convert Your Garage Into A Bedroom – A Guide

Considering a garage conversion to a bedroom? Turning a garage into a peaceful place for slumber may seem like a big leap. Careful planning will be needed to ensure every detail aids towards a restful night’s sleep, but also to ensure that all the practical points are covered.

In this garage conversion to bedroom guide, we will take you through how to pull off a successful garage bedroom conversion so you don’t miss a thing. Considering using your garage space for something other than a bedroom? Take a look at our garage conversion ideas guide for more ideas on what to convert your garage into.

garage to bedroom conversion

Before you begin your garage to bedroom conversion

Make sure it’s the right choice for you. If your garage is going unused, an extra bedroom can boost the value of your property and expand your usable space.

Once you’ve made the decision, check first if you need planning permission – most likely, planning permission will not be required if you don’t intend on altering the structure of the building, however it is always worth double-checking, especially if you are a Listed building. Whatever you do, your new bedroom will still need to comply with Building Regulations. We have more general advice on how to convert your garage in our garage conversion guide.

How to turn a garage into a bedroom

    1. Design a floorplan

      garage to bedroom floor plan

      Decide where the elements of the bedroom will go e.g. bed, wardrobe, door. Ensure you measure accurately, and triple-check all measurements.

    1. To door or not to door?

      garage door

      Many people find that keeping the original garage door, or replacing it with an updated version or style, can add a unique element to the bedroom and also reward it with the potential of being used as a garage again for future buyers – which caters for both the present and the future.

    1. Consider garage space

      garage space

      Is your garage on the small side? Space-saving furniture will be favoured in these cases, as will smart floor-planning. On the flipside, if you have plenty of space then you could consider an ensuite bathroom – this elevates the luxurious feel and transforms it into a self-contained space for yourself or your guests.


    1. Make the garage roof watertight

      garage conversion roof leaking

      Chances are it already will be – but it is always worth checking.


    1. Check insulation and heating

      garage bedroom heating

      A bedroom should be warm and cosy, hence why insulation and heating are vital components. Historically, garages lack insulation, so ensure you insulate thoroughly, also checking that the heating extends to your newly converted room. If you are keeping the garage door, ensure that it is an insulative type – this may require a replace or revamp of the existing garage door.


    1. Install electrics and plumbing

      bedroom conversion electrics

      Get these elements checked by professionals to ensure they are safe, effective and fit for purpose.


    1. Establish the groundwork

      bedroom conversion carpet

      Ensure the flooring is suitable for your new bedroom – meeting both its aesthetic and functional needs, and also complying with Building Regulations. The cold, hard flooring of garages will benefit from a comfy carpet or rug, which will also boost the temperature of the room.


    1. Prepare the walls

      bedroom garage conversion wall

      The exposed brick of a garage can act as a unique feature wall – but only if it meets Building Regulations. If it doesn’t, then consider installing an interior wall that meets the standards.


    1. Choose a colour scheme

      bedroom colour scheme

      Prime and paint your bedroom before inserting any furniture – you don’t want to risk ruining any new items with paint.


  1. Furnish and personalise

    garage bedroom furnishings

    Now the fun can begin. It’s time to create your dream bedroom, adding personal touches throughout to really fill it to the brim with your character. Whether you’re seeking rustic charm or a touch of contemporary, how you decorate can make all the difference. Note: placing the bed alongside an outside wall should only be done if insulation has been installed. Also, outlets will most commonly be alongside interior walls, so consider the placement of electronics with this in mind.


Planning to convert a garage into a bedroom? Doormatic have a wide range of garage door styles, colours and materials to complement your bedroom design – we also install front doors, too, should you choose the more conventional route. Get in touch today to discover more about our services across Kent, Surrey and Buckinghamshire.

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