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How to Convert Your Garage – Garage Conversion Guide

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How to Convert Your Garage – Garage Conversion Guide

A garage conversion is an easy way to maximise usable space and add value to your property. If you garage is unused, why not transform it into a gym, arts studio, or even an extra bedroom? In this handy guide, we’ll be answering all your garage conversion FAQs to help you get started.

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Will a garage conversion add value to a house?

A garage conversion can add up to 10% to the value of your house – allowing you to enjoy the benefit of your new space in the present, and also the higher asking price in the future.


Is planning permission required for a garage conversion?

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Planning permission is not required for garage conversions if you are not altering the structure of the building itself. However, there are exceptions – if you live in a Conservation Area or Listed Building, or if you home has specific requirements for your garage to not be altered, you may wish to double check if conversion is feasible for you.

Your new build will change the use of the space and have to comply with building regulations, including a building regulations sign-off – this is to adhere with legal standards on insulation, ventilation, fireproofing, and other key features. More information can be found on government websites.


Should I keep the garage door?

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Converting a garage doesn’t mean you need to get rid of the door! Keeping your garage door when you convert preserves the multi-purpose usability of that space for future buyers. Not only this, but garage doors can become a unique feature of the space when decorated in the right way – you may wish to replace your current garage door and choose a homey option that seamlessly complements your conversion but keeps its usability as a garage door for future sale. Here at Doormatic, we can advise you further on your wide range of choices.


Can you do a garage conversion yourself?

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If you want to direct your conversion from start to finish – or if you are on a budget – this job can be the perfect DIY project. Make sure you secure conversion insurance before you begin – ordinary home insurance may not cover conversions, so don’t get caught out!

If, however, you are keen to ensure every detail is handled by a professional, there are many specialist designers and contractors who can help you create an extraordinary space that works for your needs. Doormatic can advise on the perfect door to suit your space.


How do I convert my garage?

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1) Where to start: check your home’s eligibility for a garage conversion

It is recommended to have a building surveyor check that your garage is structurally sound before you begin planning any conversion work.

2) Find out what you will need to do to adhere to building regulations

Check whether you will require planning permission as explained above, depending on the type of building you own and the extent of the work you plan to carry out.

3) Decide whether to keep the garage door 

You may wish to replace it with a new one, or to remove it entirely. As above, we generally recommend to keep your garage door – well-designed garage doors can become an interesting feature of your space while still allowing future buyers to use the space for its original function.

4) Choose a use for your space

Whether it’s a home office, gym or just a general extension of your living space, there are a lot of options for what you can do with a garage conversion. Take a look at our garage conversion ideas for inspiration on how you can use your space.

5) Decide whether you will DIY, or call in the professionals

This depends on your level of DIY expertise and the scope of the project.

6) Begin converting your garage!



As the South East’s leading garage door provider, Doormatic offer a diverse range of styles, brands and colours of garage door – allowing you to tailor your door to the needs of your garage conversion. Simply get in touch with our professionals for further advice – we have 20 years’ of invaluable industry experience.

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