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Garage Conversion Ideas

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garage conversion

Garage Conversion Ideas

Looking for garage conversion ideas? Converting your garage opens up a whole world of options, and allows you to transform an unused garage into your dream room refuge. When deciding on what to convert your garage into, you may be spoiled for choice – that’s why Doormatic have compiled a list of garage conversion ideas to share some inspiration. When you’ve decided which garage conversion to carry out, ensure to check out our guide on how to convert your garage for the next steps to take.

garage conversion

1) Garage Conversion to Living Space

garage conversion to living room

If you’re tired of your current lounge, a garage conversion to a living space is an ideal way to create a contemporary new space. Garages tend to be light and airy spaces – and this is especially true if you keep the original garage door, an element that adds a touch of modernity and uniqueness, blending seamlessly with the outdoors when open.

2) Garage Conversion to Gym

garage conversion to gym

It can be a drag, getting yourself up and to the gym in the morning when all you want to do is lie in. Save time and money by bringing the gym to your doorstep – remodel your garage space, turning it into a dedicated place for health and fitness.

3) Garage Conversion to Kitchen

garage conversion to kitchen

Whether you want to extend your kitchen into the garage area, or create an entirely new kitchen area from scratch – a garage conversion grants you with that extra space to build the kitchen of your dreams. Ensure that the appropriate plumbing and electrical connections required of a kitchen will be feasible to install.

4) Garage Conversion to Home Office

garage conversion to office

If you want a study sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the main home, the garage is the perfect tucked-away space to work, revise or complete admin. Many people don’t have homes big enough for the luxury of a home office, but if your abandoned garage is lying without use, this could be the ideal way to breathe in new life.

5) Garage Conversion to Granny Flat

garage conversion to granny flat

As we get older, it can become increasingly difficult to manage the stairs. Therefore, if you are looking after an elderly relative – or are just getting on a bit yourself – these self-contained flats can be created from an old, unused garage.

6) Garage Conversion to Man Cave

garage conversion to man cave

If you’ve always fancied a special place to hang out with friends, play darts, shoot pool and crack open a few beers, a ‘man cave’ could be the answer. Named in a tongue-in-cheek way, man caves are growing in popularity as social spaces where men (or anybody, really) can relax with friends and entertainment.

7) Garage Conversion to Studio

garage conversion to studio

Whether you’re an artist, sculptor or craftsperson, having a quiet space to let the creative juices flow can be godsend. Keeping the original garage door can enhance the space – once open, it creates a seamless blend between indoor and outdoor, improving the artistic vibes.

8) Garage Conversion to Playroom

garage conversion to playroom

Lively and blessed with broad imagination, it’s well-known that kids thrive in play environments – helping them to both learn and have fun. Having a room dedicated to your children, their toys and their play equipment will not only give them space to explore their imagination – not but it will also contain the mess and keep it separate from the rest of the house.

9) Garage Conversion to Utility Room

garage conversion to utility room

Sometimes, we just need more space to serve practical purposes. That’s where utility rooms can come in handy. Washing machines, tumble dryers, and other appliances can take up a lot of precious room in our home. Moving them to their own designated area can allow your property to breathe a little more. Why not establish a washing line in your utility room garage conversion? Opening up the garage door will introduce lots of fresh air into the room, helping dry your clothes while still protecting them from the rain.

10) Garage Conversion to Games Room

garage conversion to games room

Have you always longed for a pool table but just didn’t have the space? Make a garage conversion its new home – thanks to its ability to open up via the garage door, you can also make it an integral part of garden parties, too.

11) Garage Conversion to Home Cinema

garage conversion to home cinema

Watching a movie on the big screen – from home. It’s something that only a few of us can dream of, yet with a home cinema, this dream can become a reality. And an old garage can be the perfect place to do it.


11) Garage Conversion to Bedroom

garage conversion to bedroom

There are many reasons why an extra bedroom is handy; your family might be getting bigger, or your social circle is expanding. Whatever the reason, you can construct a contemporary bedroom space for your home that will relieve pressure on the rest of the home. And, depending on the size of your garage, this could evolve from a bedroom and into a full guest house. Check out our guide for how to convert your garage into a bedroom.

Garage doors can act as a unique centre point for any conversion. Whether it’s repairing or replacing a current door, Doormatic make sure your brand new space speaks for you and your needs. We serve a wide area of the South East – including Surrey, Kent and Buckinghamshire. Contact us today to discuss your ideas.

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