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Explained: Benefits Of The Pedestrian Garage Side Door

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Explained: Benefits Of The Pedestrian Garage Side Door

Here at Doormatic, we sell a substantial amount of different modes of garage doors every day and yet most customers are unaware of other doors that can enable access into the garage other than the large main entrance.

For a number of years there have been various pedestrian access side doors on the market to be operated as an unconnected garage entrance, workshop door or any other typical use. But it still baffles me to this day as to why there’s no prominence surrounding the advantages of these fantastic steel doors?

One explanation for this is possibly due to the fact that the majority of the side doors sold in the UK are in fact produced in Germany, and the only selection for quite some time was for side door to be made with a corner frame system. The corner frame has been declined in the UK due to our dissimilar building frames and methods and therefore because there is such a low demand for these doors, the UK are not looking to change their buildings methods to suit these doors anytime soon.

Here in the UK, we use a block frame system which displays the side door and the frame fixed in the middle of the opening. British construction is used to this type of fitting and is therefore built around this in terms of its sizes and how the sill is incorporated into the build.

However, since the beginning of this year (2015) the block frame has now seen the light of day in the UK. Today, we can provide a large variety of pedestrian doors that are generally supplied with all the small components such as handles and hinges etc… These come in different shapes and sizes so you can choose a door that’s perfect for you!

Our most popular doors so far have been the steel doors, insulated pedestrian doors and the double skinned side doors. Additionally, later on in the year, we will see the announcement of the two ranges of thermos doors that are precisely designed for general use with high levels of safety and insulation.

If you are looking to make your garage door even more secure with fantastic insulation and general weather sealing, then it’s well worth considering the side door.

Give us a call today for further details on all of our pedestrian side doors. We are here to help!

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