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The Ideal Drive-Through Width for Your Garage

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The Ideal Drive-Through Width for Your Garage

When choosing a garage door, you often have no say over its size: you simply find a door that fits the available space. But what if you do have a choice? Perhaps you are building a new garage, or you are planning to renovate your existing garage. What drive-through width should you plan for?

There is no set answer to this, but there are some useful guidelines that can help you to make a more informed decision.

How Many Cars will You Store?

The size of the garage firstly depends on how many cars you plan to store inside it. If you are planning to store two cars, the door will clearly need to be a lot wider. Your decision will also be affected by the types of cars you store inside it. If you have a large 4×4, you are going to need more space than for a smaller model of car.

As a general rule, if you are keeping one car in your garage, you should aim to make the opening about eight feet wide. If you will keep two cars in your garage, you should double this to 16 feet.

Many Garages Are Not Large Enough

The problem with a lot of garages is that they were built for smaller cars. These days, car sizes have increased, and the standard seven feet for a single garage is not quite enough to get in and out of your vehicle comfortably. Depending on the car you own, it could also increase the risk of scratching your car while parking it in the garage.

What About the Height?

When thinking about the size of your garage door, the height is also an important consideration. What is the standard height? In general, seven feet is often recommended as the ideal height. However, this depends on the vehicle you have. For a large 4×4, you may need more, so think carefully about this before designing your garage.

Choose the Right Type of Garage Door

You also have to consider the type of garage door you want because this will have a bearing on the space available to park your car. Garage doors can come in a wide range of sizes these days. You can get doors as large as you want made to order, but some may be more suitable than others for your garage. For example, for maximum height and width, sectional garage doors can be a good option.

There is no firm answer as to which is the best type of door for your garage, and this is why it is a good idea to talk through your options with a specialist before making a decision.

Get Some Expert Advice

There may be a few general rules about how wide and high your garage should be to provide you with enough space to use it comfortably, but in the end it will come down to your own situation and needs. It is therefore a good idea to talk through your plans with an expert who can provide advice about the size you want as well as the type of garage door that is most suitable for your garage, helping you to make the best decision.

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