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How to Fix a Wonky or Crooked Garage Door

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How to Fix a Wonky or Crooked Garage Door

Finding out that your garage door is wonky or crooked can be extremely frustrating and a big security concern. So if you’ve found yourself stuck with a garage door that just won’t budge, read Doormatic’s comprehensive garage door guide. Our experts will take you through the causes of a defective garage door and offer methods on how to fix it, so you can get back on with your day.  

What causes a wonky garage door?

Lubricating a metal garage door

  • Lack of lubrication: When describing something as a well-oiled machine, we are saying that something is operating flawlessly, and the same goes for a garage door. In order for your garage door to work like a well-oiled machine, the chain drive must be well lubricated to ensure the door’s mechanisms function with ease. Dry garage door mechanisms can seize up and prevent garage doors from opening or closing fully, and in some cases, the door might not budge at all.
  • Out of line sensors: Should you bump the sensors when carrying ladders or with the car when entering/exiting, it’s likely your garage door will find it difficult to function properly, if knocked out of alignment. If this is the case, this is not a big problem at all, simply adjust back into place.
  • Sensor beam obstruction: If the sensor beams from A to B are blocked by an object, the sensor’s beam will not be able to send the open or close signal from one to the other, therefore, the garage door will find issue with your commands.
  • Internal door lock engaged: Most garage doors will have an internal mechanical locking system that can be put in place for extra security. Sometimes, this extra level of security can cause confusion when the user has forgotten that they have locked the door mechanically. If your door isn’t opening, check your garage door’s internal lock before treating it as an unresponsive, broken door.
  • Broken or old springs: Although garage door springs are extremely durable, they do succumb to wear and tear and when they’re really old, springs tend to break. Generally speaking, cheap springs will have less cycles in them, as opposed to more expensive springs, but they still have over ten thousand cycles in them – which realistically, can still be years worth of usage. Whether the springs fail due to usage, age or rust, these can be replaced quickly by your local professional who will have your garage door back up and running. If your spring has broken due to rust, be sure to use lubrication next time, to help your new components last longer. You may find that your garage door has one long spring and although this option is cheaper, you may have to replace them more often. Two springs help to alleviate the pressure of a substantial door and they tend to last much longer and prevent crooked garage doors.
  • Cold weather: As well as poor maintenance and old worn parts – the weather is another factor that causes crooked garage doors. Metal contracts in cold temperatures, which can cause garage doors to buckle and get jammed during operation. This can usually be solved with adequate lubrication but when it’s been cold for a prolonged time, chances are, any lubrication has solidified, causing the chain to lock. If this happens, contact your local professional who will be able to fix defective garage door mechanisms.
    Never change the springs yourself, a garage door can be extremely heavy and cause serious injuries if mishandled.

The problems a crooked garage door can cause
wonky garage door

  • Defects to worsen: For your garage door to work seamlessly, all components need to work together in harmony and when one component is thrown off, your garage door is likely to be crooked. An unbalanced garage door causes both physical and practical hazards, so as you can imagine, if any issues are left for a prolonged time, the defects could worsen and become more costly. Not to mention, you’re more likely to become a prime target to thieves, should they notice an uneven and open garage.
  • Wear the components unevenly: If one part of your garage door is broken or terribly worn, other components will have to work overtime and thus, wear other parts more quickly than what’s normal. This can be a costly problem and so, it’s important to tackle the first signs of a wonky garage door.
  • Damp and leaks: Broken garage doors or jammed, wonky garage doors will not be water-tight and it’s likely, especially in winter, to experience damp or leaks. Water damage can be costly and to ensure your belongings and the garage itself is protected, it’s important to have a damaged garage door looked at quickly and professionally.

How to repair an uneven garage door – basic checks

  • Maintain garage door tracks: Check the tracks that the garage door slides across during operation. Clean any dust or dirt that may have built up within the tracks – use a dry cloth or old toothbrush to do so.
  • Check your door for being misshapen: If it has warped then it might have difficulty operating, up and over.
  • Examine for loose components: Where possible, tighten them and replace worn and rusty parts. You may need the assistance of a professional for this.

If you’re unsure why your garage door is crooked, get in touch with Doormatic Garage Doors who can offer first-rate maintenance and repairs as well as brand new installations. Don’t lack security, maximise it with help from your local garage door professionals who supply and fit garage doors throughout the country. For more information and a free quotation, call today.

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