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How to Free Up Space In Your Garage By Using Overhead Storage

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How to Free Up Space In Your Garage By Using Overhead Storage

Okay, so you probably haven’t seen your garage’s floor since the very first day you moved in or had it built. It’s been taken over by the bins, leftover supplies, gardening tools, camping equipment, things you need to get rid of but haven’t had the time, and that huge paddling pool that’s had a hole in it for the last 5 years or so. But everyone stores their junk in the garage, right?

Yes, they do. But there’s a difference between storing and just piling in the junk. The key is to get things organised, and that means picking up things from the floor. You may already have wall storage in place, but if those are full then you will need to consider overhead garage storage.

You will need to be strict and ask yourself, ‘am I really going to use most of these items ever again?’ If the answer is no, then call the skip and get rid! Although we do understand that you may not be ready to part with many of the things that are taking over your garage, so we suggest opting for storage on the ceiling.

How can overhead storage reduce my clutter?

Now, we’re not going to move everything up in the air to the ceiling, we’re going to organise the seldom-used items into garage overhead storage so they are still there when you need them but will no longer clutter the functional areas in your garage.

These items may include the following and more:

  • Christmas decorations, lights and toys that come out once a year.
  • Gardening tools
  • Summer toys such as water sprinklers, paddling pools etc..
  • Fishing equipment

It wouldn’t be wise to use overhead garage storage for things such as tools that you will frequently use. Moreover, the ceiling and your system can only hold a certain amount of weight, so make sure you think carefully about what you will be storing in there before you have your overhead garage storage installed.

The Different Types of Overhead Garage Storage

You can maximize your underused ceiling space with the following:

  • Overhead storage units made from gauge steel which will hold up to 600lbs in different sizes.
  • Adjustable ceiling racks to hold large storage tubs
  • Bike lifts to get your things from off the floor and lowers them for easy access when you need them.

There are also options available for those who want to do it for themselves, such as hooks, racks and hangers. But please make sure you get advice from a professional and that you do not add on more than a couple of hundred pounds of weight in total.

The Advantages of Garage Overhead Storage

Overhead storage has an extra edge over shelves and cabinets due to the fact that it requires a lot more effort to get things in and out. This storage method is built to make you really think about whether you need to use your item, when you need to use it and where it should best be placed…instead of it being shoved in any old place in the garage.

Overhead garage storage really is the best step forward into transforming your garage to an organised heaven.

If you would like to find out more information on overhead garage door storage and how to keep your garage organised and clutter free, give us a call at Doormatic today – we are here to help!

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