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Doormatic’s Garage Safety Guide

Not only is your garage your storage area for unused household items, tools, chemicals and car equipment; your garage is your workshop. Although your garage is incredible useful for storage and as an extension of your home, many of the items found inside can be hazardous, especially if they fall into the hands of small children. This is why you need a safety plan of action, to ensure your safety tips are employed to keep everyone safe in your garage.

1. Don’t lean items against the wall

After a long day of working hard, it can be tempting to lean that ladder, rake or shovel against the garage wall and make you way inside. But please, do not do it! Leaning items as heavy as those against the wall creates the risk that they could fall on top of a child. As an alternative, take a few extra minutes to store them somewhere safe to diminish the risk.

2. Mark the stairs

One third of all garage injuries are caused by slips and falls, and many of these injuries have involved stairs. Be sure to mark any steps with reflective tape and keep them free from clutter at all times.

3. Keep chemicals contained

A lot of people tend to use their garage to store various chemicals such as pesticides, antifreeze, glue, and paint, these chemicals can be deadly if consumed by small children or/and pets. It’s important to keep all extra chemicals locked up away or stored in a place that is high to reach so they are kept out of the hands of children.

4. Stay away from flammable floor coverings.

During the cold winter months it can be tempting to cover your cold concrete flooring with a rug or a tarp. Although these options are far more comfortable, they also have the ability to hide fallen tools and sharp objects such as nails. They can also become a high fire risk due to leaking fuels and other flammable substances. Ensure you seal your floor with a coating for a safer option without safety risks.

5. Let there be light!

Garages are well known for having very little lighting, and given that this is a place where you will be using or storing tools and chemicals, it would be wise to invest in a little more light. Start by looking on the internet for lighting ideas in garages, and if nothing catches your eye, try hang track lighting or install lights around work areas and the stairs. The lighter your garage, the safer you will be.

Remember, it is your working space and that makes your garage one of the most important areas in your home. Apply these safety measures and it will be one of the safest and fun extension to your home. If you would like to find out more information about how products can help you improve your garage space, simply give us a call at Doormatic today.
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