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5 Garage Door Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself

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5 Garage Door Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself

Even if you’re a DIY boffin, there are some garage door repairs you should never try yourself. 

Garage doors are complex and heavy, with the potential to be dangerous if repaired by an amateur. That’s why fixing them often requires a professional’s experience and skill. 

Also consider that if further problems are caused through an inexpert repair attempt, this may then require further money and time to resolve. Sometimes, DIY repairs will void your warranty if it’s found the repair was not completed by a trained technician. 

To keep yourself out of danger and free from unnecessary expense, here are the garage door repairs you should never do yourself. 

Garage door repairs you should never do yourself

5 repairs you shouldn’t attempt on your own

There are not many garage door repairs that you should attempt DIY, and these five in particular are ones you should steer completely clear of. 

  • Broken springs: Signs of a broken spring include a loud banging sound, a door that closes too quickly or a door that won’t open all the way — a professional can diagnose if a spring is the culprit. Because of the high degree of tension present in garage door springs, any work involving these components must be left to experts to identify and resolve, due to the risk of injury to people and property. 
  • Malfunctioning electric components: Electric openers or sensors that are faulty or malfunctioning can result in an unpredictable garage door which can be dangerous when dealt with by someone who is untrained. Please request the assistance of garage door specialists to diagnose and solve problems with any electrical components. 
  • Replacing rollers: Rollers can eventually wear out, especially if you use your garage door very frequently and for many years. You may think that it’s a simple task of just replacing the worn rollers with new ones, but it is advised not to attempt this yourself. It’s actually a more complicated and laborious task than you might think, requiring several experts working together to guarantee a functional, safe result. 
  • Faulty tracks: A key component that ensures steady and controlled movement of your door, problems with tracks can result in doors that don’t close fully, doors that are slow to open, sagging doors, excessive noise, or corroded tracks. Because installing new tracks is complicated and requires a professional approach and tools, you will need an expert on board. 
  • Hinge issues: If you notice any faults with your garage door hinges, first try oiling them to see if this improves their function. If not, ask a specialist garage door company to pinpoint the problem and replace the hinges safely, if required. 

If in doubt about what the problem is in the first place, the safe route is always to ask for a professional opinion to confirm the issue and carry out repairs. 

Is it safe to repair a garage door yourself? 

Is it safe to repair a garage door yourself?

As explored above, it is not safe to DIY repair garage doors without professional help, especially in the instances we’ve described. 

Garage doors are heavy and have complex inner workings which involve springs and hinges. When the weight and mechanisms of garage doors are handled incorrectly, they have the potential to cause serious injury to people and property. 

That’s why your first port of call should always be an experienced garage door professional rather than an online video. 

Why DIY garage door repairs are a bad idea 

We’ve explored why it’s best to get a professional to take care of faults, but here is a summary of why DIY garage door repairs are a bad idea: 

  • Will potentially void your warranty 
  • Most repairs need more than one person to be successful 
  • May cause further damage to the door 
  • Could result in further time and expense to fix
  • Requires professional tools and proper components that you’re unlikely to have
  • Can be unsafe for untrained professionals due to the heavy weight of a door

The best resolution is to always call on a garage door specialist to solve your issue straight away, saving you time, hassle and worry while keeping your door warranty unscathed.  

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