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4 “Red Flag” Phrases to Keep An Eye Out for from any Garage Door Company

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4 “Red Flag” Phrases to Keep An Eye Out for from any Garage Door Company

Throughout everyday life, there are always signs that are made clear that we are blatantly not supposed to do or touch something, for example, not to proceed pass the railroad bridge when the light is flashing red and ringing bells, or to proceed through a junction through a red light.

However, there are plenty of times when the “warning” or “be careful” signs are not so obvious to us. We may not see or hear loud bells and flashing red lights but we do have a gut feeling, kinda like a sixth sense that we shouldn’t go ahead with proceeding further. If we ignore our gut feeling 9 times out 10 we will realise that doing so was a very big mistake!

Just to help keep our customers and readers safe and find the solution you deserve to know, here at Doormatic we have created 4 red flag warning signs to be wary of from any garage door company:

“Due to legal privacy restrictions, we are unable to present you with any testimonials or references from previous customers.”

This is a clever one as they have twisted something important such as the importance of maintaining customer confidentiality and privacy into making a false accusation that it will prevent any credible garage door company from sharing references with you. If you hear this from any garage door company the matter of fact reason that they won’t share with you is most likely because they just don’t have any or any good ones to share – and they are trying their hardest to keep this from you! Already the garage door company are lying to you and lying to potential customers is definitely a bad start to any relationship in our book.

“You need to tell me your budget first in order for me to be able to help you.”

Please do not jump the gun now if you hear any garage door asking you about your budget, whilst this is okay but only so that they are able to focus on providing you options to you that are within your budget range. However, if you notice that the garage door company fails to provide information without knowing your budget first will be showing their true colours to you, that in fact, their only concern is to get as much ££££ from you as they possibly can. And even worse, some ruthless companies may even try to change their prices that may even be cheaper than your budget because they know how much they will be able to get from you in the first place. Although this is completely unethical and sometimes illegal, unfortunately this happens on a very common occasion and most of the time customers do not even know it!

“We will have to direct you through to another company who deals with all service calls.”

This one is easy to spot and there is no other excuse or explanation that can be used to get around this one. If a garage door company fails to provide its own qualified, trained, in-house and full-time service department then it is not a real nor a credible garage door company. Maintenance and after care is equally as important as to making the sale in order to keep your customer happy. The last thing you guys want as a customers is to be passed from one company to the next when your garage door simply needs maintenance and service. Every customer deserves fantastic customer service especially when you are paying for it!

“Once you have paid a deposit we will be able to provide you with an estimate.”

As soon as you hear this phrase there is only one thing to do: Head for those hills! There is no way on this earth should you ever be made to pay up front even so much as a £1 to merely find out how much something will cost you in the long run or to find out what your other options are. Once you have made a decision based on what will be best for you and your family, that is the time when you should feel it is necessary to place a deposit – never before or for any other reason!

To Conclude…

Garage door servicing, maintenance, and aftercare should be a safe and stress-free experience for every customer no matter what. You have the power to choose the right company – you guys are in control! Unfortunately, there are many companies out there that will try very hard to trick you into thinking you are not in control by being deceitful. Others simply do not care about customer satisfaction due to that they are commision based and therefore only care about the sale, as the rest will be passed onto a different department which will no longer be of their concern. Whatever the reason, one thing remains the same, you guys deserve better which is why you should look elsewhere to fulfil your garage door needs.

At Doormatic garage doors, we would be delighted to show you what makes us one of the UK’s most trusted and respected garage door companies. We will openly and happily share our references and testimonials with you and we we will provide you with a completely free estimate! We will never base our prices or commitments on your budget. When it comes to customer service we genuinely care about our customers and will always go that extra mile.

Why not give us a quick call today! We are here to help!

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