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Your Complete Guide To Glass Garage Doors

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Your Complete Guide To Glass Garage Doors

We all want our homes to have that element of intrigue and style — we spend most of our time there after all, so why not make it an appealing place to look at and live in?

At Doormatic Garage Doors, we recently launched our glass garage door range as a new way to add a unique, yet elegant look to your property. 

To help tell you more about this product, including their benefits and how secure they are, we’ve put together a complete guide to glass garage doors.

Find out all the things you wanted to know about glass garage doors below. And if you still have questions about this range, don’t hesitate to call our team today to find out more.

Glass garage doors guide

Are glass garage doors made from real glass?

Our glass garage doors are supplied by one of the leading manufacturers — CarTeck, which means you know you’re getting quality. But are the glass garage doors actual glass?

The answer is that the SLX and GSA Vision models we supply are made from scratch-resistant polymer double glazing. That means they’re not the same brittle material that your mind conjures when you hear the word ‘glass’. Instead, they’re somewhere between perspex and glass, ensuring you get the best of both worlds for a safe and secure door.

Glass garage door benefits

Glass garage door benefits

All garage door styles and materials come with their own advantages and glass garage doors are no exception. In fact, we think you’ll find they offer quite a few benefits when compared to standard garage doors, including:

  • They add natural light to your garage – Get more natural light to make your garage comfortable and easy to use. Whether you use the space as storage, a home office or as a workshop, you’ll not only save money on electricity, but you’ll get the added boost of positivity that comes with sunlight.
  • They set you apart from your neighbours – Don’t follow the herd, make your home stand out from the rest in a stylish and enviable way. Perfect regardless of whether you’re staying put or planning to move and therefore trying to entice buyers.
  • They can be customised for different transparency preferences – Choose from clear, tinted, satin or frosted options. This gives you control over privacy and the look you want for your home.
  • They are versatile enough for homes and businesses – From homes to mixed-use areas and commercial settings, there is nowhere that couldn’t benefit from upgrading to this classy modification.

When it comes to style, there is no other material like glass to bring you the clean lines and enhanced look that you’re seeking.

How secure is a glass garage door?

How secure is a glass garage door?

While the temptation is to think of these doors as being more fragile, you should also keep in mind that they have been designed by some of the best minds in the garage door industry. That means the materials and parts used are of the highest quality. 

While nothing will compare to the sheer strength of steel and natural wood, our glass garage doors will help to secure your home and possessions. You can always talk to our team about additional security measures if you need further expert advice on the topic.

Do glass garage doors need to be maintained?

It's important for glass garage doors to be maintained

Like any garage door, if you want it to last then you need to make sure you maintain it. Because they’re exposed to the elements every hour of the day, regular cleaning is a good idea, while professional, scheduled maintenance can help to take care of more technical aspects.

By investing in the future, your garage door will have a longer lifespan no matter what material or design you opt for. 

Glass garage doors cost

Glass garage door prices are dependent on a number of factors. Firstly, you’ll need to consider the size of your garage, with larger or double doors costing more than single doors. There are also different aesthetic choices to consider, with optional colours and different levels of glass transparency that may affect the cost.

Are glass garage doors worth it?

If you appreciate a clean, refined style for your home and like to have things that lead the way instead of following the crowd with traditions, you’ll definitely find that glass garage doors are worth it. There are a whole host of options for customisation, so you know you’re getting a unique product for your home, all with the backing of professional installation from our expert team here at Doormatic. 

Doormatic Garage Doors supplies and installs glass garage doors

Stay ahead of the emerging trends with a fantastic glass garage door from leading manufacturer CarTeck, right here at Doormatic. We provide high-quality garage doors and professional service for homes across the South East, including Surrey, Kent, Berkshire, Devon, Hampshire, West Sussex, London and Buckinghamshire.

Get a free quote for your new garage door and ask our team about the benefits of this stylish new glass door range today.

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