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How a Garage Door Can Save You Money (Infographic)

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How a Garage Door Can Save You Money (Infographic)

A new garage door is an investment, not only because it enhances the look of your property, but because it can save you money long-term in a whole host of ways.

Whether you’re looking at a simple roller door for your garage or need a side-hinged garage door, at Doormatic, we supply and fit a full range of garage door styles to suit any home. Our expertise and doors from the leading brands mean you can benefit by saving money in the following ways:

How a garage door can save you money

Reduced Heat Loss

Heating is a drain on your household bills, so why make it worse by sticking with a damaged, worn or old garage door? 

Where your garage is attached to your house, a garage can drag the overall temperature of the property down. But with a new, insulated garage door, you can prevent more heat from escaping because of the thermal properties of the quality materials in place. You can also keep more cold air out because your new garage door will be properly, snuggly fitted, minimising gaps that are the cause of draughts.

What does this add up to? Lower heating bills – regardless of whether your garage is attached to your home or you use it as a workshop and have an electric heater.

Theft Prevention

Garages are commonly used to store a lot of important things. It might be your tools, camping equipment or even just some boxed possessions with no room in the house. Whatever you keep in there, it’s going to cost money to replace if thieves manage to pry their way in.

With a brand new garage door comes the latest locking technology. What was once considered safe 20 years ago will now have been surpassed when it comes to locks and associated mechanisms. Also, stronger materials are more likely to put would-be thieves off over older, dented ones where structural integrity has already been compromised.

An added bonus could be a lower insurance premium if you decide to start keeping your car in the garage overnight behind a securely locked garage door. Some companies will give you a better deal if your car is in your garage overnight compared with if you kept it on the street. Check with your provider when you renew to find out more.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Battling with an uneven up-and-over door? Or are you struggling to find the source of the squeaky, grinding sound every time you go into the garage? Fixing and maintaining old garage doors is pricy, and it only gets pricier as time goes on.

Investing in a new garage door means you won’t have to worry about any of the constant maintenance snags you used to battle with. Stop spending money over and over at the hardware store and enjoy a smooth, proper functioning garage door for years to come.

Efficient Automation

If you enjoy the automation of your garage door, there are still ways you can save money in the long run. Not only will a new, electric garage door provide a smoother experience, leaving you with fewer faults and issues, but they’re more energy-efficient than ever, so over time your bills should be lower. It might only be a small saving month to month, but it will add up over the years – especially when combined with the savings we’ve already highlighted.

Here at Doormatic, we know that when you opt for a new garage door you want as many benefits as possible to make it worth your while. That’s why we work with you to select the right door for your property, ensuring you have a more thermally efficient, secure and reliable garage door. 

Tell us all about what kind of garage door you’d like by filling in our quick quote form or by giving our team a call to arrange an appointment. We cover the whole of the South East, including Surrey, London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Devon, Hampshire, West Sussex and Kent.


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