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WARNING: The #1 HUGE NO-NO when it comes to Garage Doors

As were all aware that the UK sure withstands its epic reputation of cold winters. And even though were not usually in store for ice storms, and mountains of snow, we know that the cold winters aren’t going to be taking an extended vacation any time soon.

However, no matter how cold things get – and yes, they do get cold – there’s one thing that you must NEVER-EVER do, and that’s to warm up your car whilst leaving it to run in your garage.

Why not?

Apart from the fact running your car inside your garage can cause damage to your car, it can seriously put yours and those around you, health at risk.

What you need to know

Cars release carbon monoxide which is a dangerous unseen and unscented gas, often known as the silent killer. If you inhale too much of this gas then the oxygen in the blood will be replaced with the gas, causing death.

Believe it or not, many people make the mistake in thinking that by leaving the garage door open will create enough ventilation, when in-fact there is no safe way to keep your car running in your garage whatsoever.

So, how can you drive away feeling warm instead?

If you want to be able to warm up your car before driving away in these cold winter mornings/nights then simply follow these steps:

1.     Firstly drive your car COMPLETELY out of the garage

2.     Once you are 100% satisfied that your car is out of the garage then close your garage door using your remote.

3.     Avoid turning on your heater because this is will starve your engine of heat and your heater will only blow cold air anyway!

4.     Exit your car and close and lock the doors and wait inside your house for approximately 2 minutes.

Please remember to lock your doors whilst warming up your car, especially because thieves love winter time as so many people make it easy for them to steal cars when warming up their cars. Make sure you’re smart about this one because the police and your insurance company aren’t going to be so sympathetic once they learn how easy you made it for them

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Doormatic understand that there is nothing more important than your safety. This is why we encourage our customers to take heed of our warning in the blog post to never try warming up your car whilst it’s running in your garage. Please keep an eye out for neighbours who could be making this common fatal mistake.

If you have any questions or queries at all that are garage door related then please get in contact today!

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