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Are Smart Garage Doors The Future?

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Are Smart Garage Doors The Future?

The purpose of modern technology is to make our lives easier. 

Whether it’s turning on a light at the touch of a button or controlling the heating from afar, smart technology puts your whole house at your fingertips – and garage doors can be part of this revolution too. 

In this article, we’ll explore what smart garage doors are and how they can benefit you. 

Are smart garage doors the future?

What are smart garage doors? 

What are smart garage doors?

Smart garage doors utilise smart technology to open and close. Otherwise known as Wi-Fi-controlled garage doors, their advanced mechanism allows you to use your smartphone, laptop or tablet to remotely operate your garage door. 

This easy, slick operation means that smart garage door openers give you lots of great advantages. Let’s take a look at some of them. 

5 benefits of smart garage doors 

Benefits of smart garage doors

Here are the top five benefits of smart garage doors: 

Boost security:

The big benefit of a smart garage door is increased security. Use your smartphone in real-time to note who is coming and going from your property, enjoying full control over access from anywhere in the world. In addition, these opening systems are harder to break into or hack into compared to other opening methods, further protecting your property from intruders. Smart operation is also a great combatant against the security risks of forgetfulness. Lost your keys? Forgot to close the garage door? None of that matters when you can simply open and close with your smart device. 

Convenient remote access:

The convenience that remote access offers is unsurpassable. Wherever you are in the world, your schedule can be totally flexible. For example, if you go on holiday, you can still allow delivery drivers in and out of your garage securely. The same goes for family, friends, cleaners, and anyone of your choosing, all without having to be physically by the door to do it yourself. It’s also convenient for those rainy days when you don’t want to leave the car to open the garage. 

Increase home value:

Modernity will be increasingly treasured as we move forward into the future. As such, a home that integrates smart technology is likely to be looked on favourably by potential buyers. When you consider this, combined with the improved security and convenience it offers, it’s very possible that a smart garage door could add a little extra to your asking price. 

Easy access with no lifting:

Not everyone can operate a garage door manually. Whether you have mobility issues, trouble with lifting, don’t want to leave the kids in the car while you open a garage door, or simply have your hands full, a smart opener bypasses the need for any manual lifting, thanks to its totally hands-free system. 

Simple set-up:

There may be some who think that smart technology is still unobtainable or too expensive. This simply isn’t true. The fact is, smart garage doors are easy to install and are relatively inexpensive — plus, they’re compatible with most makes, models and styles of door, so you can still enjoy a customised garage door that is truly your own. Here at Doormatic, we can supply, install and maintain smart garage doors, making it easier than ever to get this added luxury without having to lift a finger yourself. 

We hope you now understand a little more about the many benefits that smart garage doors can provide you, and we are always happy to offer more advice on the topic if you need it. 

Graphic showing Doormatic engineer installing a garage door

Seeking a smart garage door in the South East? Here at Doormatic, we’re one of the region’s leading providers and installers of garage doors in hundreds of styles – including smart options to make your life easier. We also offer a comprehensive aftercare and repair service to keep your smart garage door in top working order for years to come. Get in touch to find out more.

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