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Just like anything, such as going to the dentist or giving your car an MOT, a garage door needs regular care and checkups in order for it to function properly. Often enough, your Garage Door is the first part of your home that is seen by your neighbours and is evidently an extension of your home. However, this is often forgotten about until a sudden screeching sound appears each time you open your creaky Garage Door, or something worse goes wrong and you then realise what a necessity your Garage Door really is or was. For when this does happen or if you’re looking to give your door the once over, give Doormatic a call now!

Garage door maintenance is given the brush off far too often by homeowners

Give your garage door the once over before it’s too late!

Funnily enough, one of the most overlooked household functions is the garage door. Almost half of the population will openly admit that they do not maintain their garage door until something urgent happens to it. I have to stress to you that a garage door is the same as any other mechanical device, like a car for example, it needs to be maintained on a regular basis. It doesn’t take much of your time to have this service carried out, you can simply give us a call at Doormatic and we can send out one of our fully qualified technicians at a time that suits you.

In terms of safety and avoiding costly garage door repairs, there are just a few simple rules that everyone should adhere to.

1.     Garage doors are not toys for children!

With the garage doors snazzy little motor and its fascinating opening and closing function with just a click of a button, it doesn’t take long before it becomes a toy that children want to play with. However, almost 100 children in the UK are injured on a yearly basis due to them playing with it and seeing it as a toy. This can be from playing with the remote, riding them or playing games such as, who can run in and out of the door before it closes!  It’s easy and simple to prevent this; it’s just a matter of explaining and educating your children about the dangers of the garage door.

2.      Simply clean the outside of your door with a detergent, cloth and hot water. Do this on a regular basis to keep it clean and to avoid rust.

3.      Thoroughly inspect the garage door for any rusted or broken compartments, such as brackets, hinges or cables. Replace if necessary or call us at Doormatic to replace them for you. If you notice any parts need to be lubricated then please use a silicon based spray, never use grease!

4.      If you have found any loose nuts and bolts then simply tighten them using a wrench so that they don’t become loose and cause damage or injury to others around. However, I must stress that if anything needs adjusting you must leave that to us as we will need one of our technicians to do this for you. If this is not checked and adjusted then this can cause serious harm to either yourself or people around the door or to your car that may be inside. There is a chance that a section or even the entire door in itself can come crashing down and cause serious damage. This is unfortunately common and happens around 2,000 times each year across the UK. However, regular maintenance and checkups will help prevent such malfunctions.

5.      Check if the door is in a correct balanced position. You can check this simply by closing the door, disengage the opener by releasing the cord and then raise the door up to your waist and then release the door carefully. If you notice that the door drops or that it rises then this means your door is out of balance and that you need to contact us to carry out maintenance.

Spot these errors within your garage doors and act on it early, then I can promise you that your Garage Door will serve a long and healthy life.

If this is all a bit too much for you and you would prefer for one of our professionals to come out and do this for you. Then we can do this for you, all you need to do is contact the experts at Doormatic and call us today on 0845 855 8520

We look forward to hearing from you

Stay safe, and remember to always maintain a regular check-up on those Garage Doors!

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