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Garage door Weather-stripping – How hard can it be?

Garage door Weather-stripping serves the purpose of keeping the cold and the heat out of your garage. However, there are two types of weather-stripping such as top and side, and the bottom boot.

Sound interesting? It’s a pretty effective way of keeping the frostbite out and (on the rare occasion) the heat. The top and side method seals the space between the door jamb and the actual door, whilst the bottom boot seals shut the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor.

So, when we say “How hard can it be?” Truthfully, you would probably have to call yourself quite the handyman to be able to get the job done. The job in itself is quick but it does take precision and quite a lot of skill.

The problem is that it’s not adjustable, once it’s done and its gone wrong, then you pretty much have to replace it. Now were not trying to put you off from having a go, were simply just trying to let you know how effective weather-stripping is and how cost effective it really is. Most of the cost will come from the material rather than labour costs and as said before; it’s a quick and easy job for the professionals.

Just to summarise, the parts for the job may appear expensive to some people, however once you weigh up the costs of materials against the cost of your heating bills it all seems worthwhile in the end. You garage door is an extension of your home after all and therefore that leaking cold air really does make a difference to your home in general.

Take some time to think about Weather-stripping for your garage doors as it will save you money in the long run. Give Doormatic a call today for more information on 0845 855 8520 or visit our contact us page on our website and fill out the enquiry form.


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