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Most Popular Garage Door Types

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Pedestrian Access

Most Popular Garage Door Types

Searching for a new garage door to elevate the look of your home? Understandably, you want the best for your property, not only to increase the value of it, but also to ensure you have a door garage door type that suits your needs in terms of functionality.

At Doormatic Garage Doors, we supply a wide range of door styles, which is why we wanted to guide you through some of the most popular garage door types. This should help you on your way to picking the right one for your home, matching them against your criteria.

Up & Over Garage Doors

Up & Over garage door

One of the simpler garage doors and therefore a popular choice with many homeowners. Up and over garage doors can come as standard on a lot of new build properties but work just as well for older homes. They operate by opening outwards before arcing upwards and sliding into the roof of your garage overhead.

  • Simple design
  • Available in various colours
  • Affordable option
  • Requires space 

Roller Garage Doors

Roller Garage Door

A strong favourite of both homeowners and businesses alike, the roller door garage has a universal appeal. Presenting a sleek frontage and robust security, a roller door coils upwards in a simple fashion and can be easily automated for convenience.

  • Affordable option
  • Saves space inside and outside
  • Easily automated
  • May lack luxury aesthetic

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Door

A globally popular garage door style, sectional garage doors remain a modern choice thanks to how secure they are, but they also have a classic feel to them due to how long they’ve been around. Built with a number of connecting panels, they lift straight up, curving the panels up into the roof of the garage.

  • One of the most secure styles
  • You can park right up to the door
  • Available in various colours
  • Requires space inside the garage

Side-Hinged Garage Doors

Side hinged garage door

We find that side-hinged garage doors are popular with those who want a truly classic look for their property. Elegant in looks, but with a rustic charm in operation, they remain a favourite because of how practical they are for people who use their garage a lot.

  • Easy access on foot
  • Suitable for large garages
  • Option to leave a door closed while working inside
  • Requires room to open outwards

Pedestrian Access Garage Doors

Pedestrian Access Garage Doors

Do you treat your garage as more of a workshop or a home gym? Then the pedestrian access garage door is for you. Popular thanks to how easy it makes it to access the garage without opening the whole thing, it’s also known as a ‘wicket’ or ‘walk-through’ door.

  • Easy access on foot
  • More privacy in your garage
  • Reduces wear and tear on the whole door
  • Potentially less thermally efficient

These are just some of the most popular garage door types we provide for customers throughout the South East – including Surrey, Kent, Berkshire, Devon, Hampshire, West Sussex, London and Buckinghamshire. 

However, it’s all about personal preference when it comes to your home. It’s always a good idea to consider what specific attributes you personally need from a garage door, so think about the following:

  • Do you need to park in front of the garage?
  • Do you need regular access to the garage on foot?
  • Do you want your garage door to open automatically?
  • Do you need a thermally efficient garage door?
  • Do you need a garage door that’s easy to open?
  • Do you have much room inside your garage?

Once you’ve figured out what you need from your garage, we’ll be happy to help – we can even offer professional advice if you’re still unsure which style will best fit your home.

Call today and speak to our friendly team of garage door experts.

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