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Are Garage Doors Covered by Home Insurance?

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Are Garage Doors Covered by Home Insurance?

Brand new garage door can bring a touch of beauty to any home, as well as being a secure place to store belongings. But you may be wondering: are garage doors covered by a home insurance policy? And how can you make a claim if damage does occur? In this article, we clear up these key questions. 

Are garage doors covered by home insurance

Are garage doors covered by home insurance? 

Usually, garage insurance is included in your standard home insurance policy. The level of cover that is offered will depend on the insurance company you opt for, who will take into account whether your garage is attached to or detached from your home. For example, if your garage is located off your home premises, it may not be covered in the insurance and will need adding to the policy at an additional cost. 

Insurance generally covers the structure of the garage itself (buildings insurance), so the fixtures, fittings and garage door, but also the contents of the garage (contents insurance). 

Please note that structural damage to your garage door may be covered in buildings insurance, but not necessarily cosmetic damage – this may mean that as long as the garage door is still functioning, you may not be entitled to a payout. Wear and tear over time may also not be covered. As this varies according to policy, we recommend getting familiar with your policy to understand the ins and outs of exactly what is covered. 

You will also need to read your policy document to see a full list of events which may be covered in your buildings insurance, whether this be fire damage, smoke damage, theft, storms, floods, natural disaster, malicious damage, and accidental damage. 

How to make a claim for your garage door? 

  • First, check your insurance policy to see if your garage door is covered by the event that has inflicted damage on it. Phone your insurance company to talk through the incident if you’re unsure. 
  • Next, establish who is at fault. This may be the weather or a fire, but if damage was caused by a person, some insurance policies will only make a payout if it was a member of your household who caused the damage – if damage was caused by a third-party, for example, with their vehicle, this may be covered by their car insurance. 
  • Finally, if you think that you have a valid claim, you will need to follow the steps laid out by your insurance company. Depending on the nature of the incident, this may involve sending off documentation, a police report or receipts for the repair work. 

Tips for keeping your garage safe 

Prevention is better than the cure, so make sure you’ve done everything possible to back up your claim. Some alterations you could consider may include: 

  • Installing CCTV or security lighting
  • Installing an alarm system
  • Ensuring your garage is securely locked and valuable items are not on show 
  • Identifying and listing high-value items when taking out an insurance policy 
  • If you’re removing high-value items from the garage or home, they may cease to be covered away from home unless your policy states otherwise 

Finding a company for garage door repair or replacement

Always use a reputable garage door company when repairing or replacing a door. Not only will this reward you with a long-lasting, durable product that suits the style of your property, but it will also reward you with an extra layer of security.

If, for example, the door was damaged by thieves, you may wish to upgrade the security on your new door by choosing a stronger material or automating the whole system. Companies such as Doormatic can provide a wide range of high-strength doors to complement a home’s exterior, while simultaneously providing secure options to keep your belongings safe. 

Discuss your garage door requirements with the professionals at Doormatic. With over 20 years of industry experience, our technicians can repair, install and replace hundreds of garage door styles to properties across the South East. Simply get in touch with our friendly team – we’re always happy to help. 


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