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Best Garage Door Colours For Different Home Styles

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Best Garage Door Colours For Different Home Styles

With so many garage door colours available to you when you buy a new door through us at Doormatic, it might be difficult to decide on what the best colour actually is.

Of course, the choice is yours, since you’re the one who will have to look at it every day. 

Best garage door colours for different home styles

Some people choose to make a bold statement with their garage door, making it stand out from the crowd, while others prefer to have something that blends in for a seamless finish.

At the end of the day, whatever style of home you have – and there are plenty of different period properties out there! – you can rest assured that there is something to suit your taste and your building. 

Here are five popular house styles and the colours we think work best for each.

Best garage door colours for Victorian houses

Homes built between 1837 and 1901 are typically referred to as Victorian, but there is a definite style to these houses brought about by the increase in demand and accessibility of the time. With coloured brickwork and a symmetrical look, you can most often find examples of this house style in rows of terraced homes.

For any Victorian home with red and purple brickwork, we recommend a simple white garage door, as this will help to contrast with the deeper colour of your bricks. It will also complement any modern, white window frames you may have.

For Victorian homes that use yellow brickwork, we recommend pairing it with heritage green or Chartwell green garage colour. Another complementary colour to consider is steel blue or, to make your garage really stand out, you could opt for flame red.

Best garage door colours for Georgian houses

White is a popular garage door colour on Georgian houses

Featuring large sash windows and often columns by the door, Georgian homes in the UK come in a variety of styles given the length of the Georgian era itself. Known for their larger proportions, they will feature either light, yellow brick or dark brickwork, while others will have a completely rendered front instead, although it is possible to find properties from this era with a little of both used.

If you have light brickwork, we recommend a garage door in window grey, while for darker brickwork it’s better to go lighter with white or light grey. Alternatively, for a woody tone, you could choose ochre brown.

Rendered fronts are typically white on Georgian homes, so it makes the most sense to pair them with a black garage door to keep that elegant and stately feel. However, if you want to add a drop of colour you could try pastel blue or flame red.

Best garage door colours for Edwardian houses

While the Edwardian period may have been short, it’s certainly still evident in our homes across the country today. Featuring a range of materials and colours in the construction, you could see any mixture and combination of red brickwork, white stucco with black wood, stone window sills and surrounds, and even some decorative yellow brickwork.

Because of this range of colours and materials, you can go for almost any garage door colour. If you have ivy growing across the exterior of your home, why not complement it with a fir green garage door? Alternatively, you can keep it simple with a solid black or white door to match any decorative features of your home.

Best garage door colours for modern houses

White is a popular garage door colour for modern houses

Last but not least is the modern home. While 70s and 90s homes are certainly more modern than something from 1890, their styles are borrowed largely from previous periods. So, if your home is clad in dark tiles or borrows traditional materials such as red brickwork and mock timber framing, you can probably figure out the best garage door colour from our previous categories.

When we say contemporary and modern homes, we mean the very latest in minimalist house design. Often built bespoke, they are hard to pin down in terms of one style, but they often feature larger windows – sometimes with walls of glazing – along with grey cladding for a sleek look or brown wooden cladding to add a natural feel. For this, we recommend following the colour scheme with umbra grey, grey aluminium or any beige and brown colours to match your wood panelling.

Want to know more about garage door colour options for your home? Try our handy garage door colour picker, where you can select the style of garage door and then experiment with different colours to help you visualise what might work for your home. 

And if you need any more assistance in choosing your new garage door in the South East – including Surrey, Kent, Berkshire, Devon, Hampshire, West Sussex, London and Buckinghamshire – then just give us a call today.

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