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Choosing A New Garage Door?

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Choosing A New Garage Door?

To most people, your garage is much more than just a place to park your car and to store unused household items. It is a valued extension of your home that not only boosts curb appeal, but it increases value to your property too.

With so many different styles, colours and textures now on the market it can be difficult to choose the one that will best enhance your home’s appearance. Perhaps you want to go for a steel, or a traditional classic wooden garage door? These are all questions to consider before choosing the final garage style to suit your home.

Have a look at the following options to give yourself an idea of what could work best for your home. These are the 4 most popular garage door styles here at Doormatic and are known to suit the majority of homes:

  • Traditional Raised Panel

Raised panel doors provide a classic and traditional look that will ooze elegance. This style says it all in the name really, they have elevated panels on the outside. This style is easy to customise to your own preferences and they can come fully insulated with windows.

  • Traditional Recessed Panel

These type of doors reflect the raised panel doors but instead of the panels being elevated, they are infact sunken downwards. They are made from steel and are very easy to look after. This style is very traditional but also modern at the same time, which is why many homeowners choose this style of garage door.

  • Modern Flush Panel

For those looking for a more urban feel, this style is just for you. These flat, marginally raised paneled doors are extremely modern and can provide you with the edge that your neighbours are lacking! These doors work great if you have an arched door opening. Again, these type of garage doors come fully insulated with beautiful windows.

Once you have decided on a door type, you will now need to think about what materials you want your garage to be made of. Many homeowners decide to choose wood as their garage door material because they can come either unfinished, painted or stain grade, meaning they are easy to customise and can be created to suit any style. Another popular material used is Steel due to its economical properties and because it can be painted match your home with incredible insulation.

Fibreglass is another popular material because it is lightweight and easy to maintain. There are many different finishes and colours available to suit your home. Whether you are looking for modern or traditional style garage doors, Doormatic can help you choose the best style to compliment your home.


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