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Why Choose Doormatic Doors?

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Why Choose Doormatic Doors?

When you’re choosing a company to help you find and install a new garage door for your property, it’s not just about why you should choose them — it’s also why you should choose them over their competitors.

That’s why we’ve broken down the different areas of our services and how we compare with our competitors — namely the franchised roller door companies that spring up. From this, we hope to demonstrate the value of our quality in areas that are important to you when looking for a garage door company.

You can use this as a guide, asking yourself these questions as you begin to make your decision on which company to use, but we’re confident you’ll quickly spot the difference between the character of Doormatic and other, less attentive tradesmen.

Doormatic Our competitors
Service you can rely on?
Quality products?
Secure products?
Safe practices?
Professional installation?
Comprehensive warranty?
Good communication?
Using sub-contractors?

Do you get reliable service?

Whoever you work with, you want to know that they’re going to show up when they’re supposed to, without rushing you into any decisions.

How we do things at Doormatic: We make sure we always keep our appointments with our customers, taking the time to provide honest, professional advice. We also work Monday through to Saturday, which means you’ll never find us suddenly disappearing!

How our competitors do things: Our competitors often don’t work on certain weekdays, giving you a limited service and sometimes forcing them to rush appointments when they want to finish for the day. This can result in them turning up too early or too late depending on what best suits them, not you, the customer.

Are the products high quality?

Your home is something you should never compromise on when it comes to quality, and this applies to your garage door. Quality products and a range of choice should be high on your list of priorities.

How we do things at Doormatic: You only need to browse our website to see that we provide a huge range of garage door styles, from basic models to stylish and luxurious ones. We also only work with leading manufacturers, delivering and installing brand new doors for your home.

How our competitors do things: Providing only limited models of doors, they will often install doors that have already been installed for “testing” purposes, resulting in compromised quality, as it’s never easy to fit and unfit a garage door without damaging components. You could essentially be getting a second-hand door.

Timber Smart Sectional Garage Doors Epsom

Do the products and fitting provide security?

One of the key jobs of your garage door is for it to provide security for your belongings, whether that’s your car, tools or anything else you might keep inside.

How we do things at Doormatic: We value your security, which is why for certain lighter models, such as a 55mm slatted roller door, our products come alarmed as standard. We also ensure that we leave no gaps around your door that would give thieves the opportunity to grind screws off and gain access.

How our competitors do things: Many garage door companies will simply sell you a lighter door without considering how robust the door itself is for the purposes you require, and they may only have these lighter, more compact doors available to them, leaving you short if you have more robust requirements. They can also neglect to take security seriously when it comes to installation, leaving exposed gaps that create weak points.

Is the product and service safe?

From the garage door products themselves to the service you get during an installation, you always need to ask yourself whether a company is putting the safety of you and your family first.

How we do things at Doormatic: We take your safety seriously, which is why we provide a safety edge on your garage door, along with sensors for automatic doors so that you can close your door safely without the risk of injury or damage to your possessions. We’ll also provide neat installation of any cables required to the nearest power point in line with what power level is required.

How our competitors do things: Competitors will often do what’s easiest for them, such as running any motors via extension leads, which can be dangerous. Plus, they may not offer the technology to keep you safe, such as hold-and-run roller doors without safety edges or sensors.

Automatic sectional garage door

Do they provide professional installation?

A garage door is only going to do its job properly and stand the test of time if it has been installed properly, in line with manufacturer guidelines. You also need someone who treats every job with the level of care and detail required for that property.

How we do things at Doormatic: We always seal our installations, whether it’s between or behind walls, with PVC used to cover gaps for both security and a flush finish. With dedicated surveys and measuring appointments, we make sure we get an accurate and aesthetically pleasing finish for your home every time.

How our competitors do things: Whether it’s due to a lack of knowledge or care, some installers won’t bother to check for gaps, which means light and draughts can penetrate around the door. This can also lead to leaks in the future when there is heavy rain, because not enough consideration has been put into the construction of your garage door opening.

Do they offer a comprehensive warranty?

A garage door for your home is an investment, so you want to have the peace of mind that comes with a comprehensive warranty on the rare occasion that there is something wrong with your door.

How we do things at Doormatic: With a 12-month warranty on all installations, you can rest assured that you’re covered for your first year if there are any faults or if there is any damage you spot on the door – that includes if the damage occurred during fitting.

How our competitors do things: While some companies may also offer a warranty, what they may not tell you is that you have to register your warranty within a small window of time in order to activate it, so you may not end up being covered at all. Unscrupulous fitters will also not cover you for scratches that are caused during fitting or that appear on the door when it comes from the manufacturer.

Is their communication good?

Should something go wrong or if you have questions, you want to know that you can easily get in touch with the company you’ve been dealing with. You also want someone who can simplify things for you without leaving out the important things that you need to know, so clear communication is a must.

How we do things at Doormatic: We have a dedicated, expert team of operators answering your calls and forms at our base in Surrey, so we’re not removed from you in the South East and can answer all your questions directly. Plus, our own engineers cover the whole region, allowing us to respond to anyone who needs our services.

How our competitors do things: Some of our competitors operate as a franchise, which can mean they will direct your communication to them through a head office that is nowhere near their area of operation (making them even less likely to come out and see you if there is a problem). Worse still, you may have to fill out a form to file an issue that you never get a reply for, leaving your query unanswered.

Doormatic staff smiling on phone to customer

Do they use subcontractors for the work?

A subcontractor is someone who doesn’t work for the company you’re initially speaking to, and while this might be convenient for some companies, it’s often a sign that you won’t get the quality you signed up for, because those individuals won’t be taking a sense of pride in the work.

How we do things at Doormatic: We never subcontract our work out at Doormatic. We’re proud of what we do and like to keep close control over our standards, so when you buy from us, it’ll always be us you’re dealing with. Our engineers work on a performance related bonus, if they don’t leave you happy with your new door they don’t get their bonus so everyone at Doormatic is incentivised to give you the best experience possible!

How our competitors do things: In order to make themselves seem larger than they are, some companies will subcontract work out without checking the quality of what is being done on their behalf. This leaves you open to shoddy workmanship and poor service at every turn.

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