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How To Boost Your Curb Appeal With Your Garage Door

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How To Boost Your Curb Appeal With Your Garage Door

Ever since the 1980’s, builders  have been searching for different ways to provide bigger homes at cheap prices. With the increasing land costs and smaller sizes, this has made this extremely difficult. However, one great solution to this issue is to place the garage in front of the house to boost curb appeal.

Snout Homes

Snout houses are otherwise known as the houses that have a single and double car garages at the front that takes up most of the street frontage. Other houses would usually draw attention to their front door, a porch or their windows, but a snout house will resemble a “nose” which is it’s garage door. So the most important question here is, how do you boost your curb appeal when your garage doors dominate your entire home? Take a look at these steps to find out how…

Upgrade your garage doors

Install garage doors that are as stunning and visually appealing as they can possibly be. Choose the best quality garage doors that your budget will allow for that instant curb appeal boost. Give your home that defining style that many lack through a garage door. Whether you decide to go with the traditional or modern garage doors, Doormatic have many styles for you to choose from. Set the tone of your home and get noticed on the street.

You can create visual depth to your garage doors by using windowpanes, relief patterns, panelling, and much more. There are various materials to choose from such as timber, steel, wood, aluminum etc… Make a statement on the block that says “look at my home”.

Make it colourful

There are many debates on what colours to use for your garage, and if you can see the front door from your street then you need to ensure it’s the point of focus. It’s important to use colours that make your garage doors really “pop” so you can draw attention. Don’t obsess on matching the garage door colour to the exact front door, it looks better when they are neutralised and not matched.

Use Accessories

A carriage house garage door has impressive features that really make the house pop out. The details such as patterned handles, and panels really make the garage stand out. You can add your own decorative accessories such as flowers, gnomes and ornaments by the side of the garage. Adding tall plants and plenty of greenery keep your garage entrance looking fresh looking all year round.

Let there be light!

Adding extra light outside is a great way to boost your curb appeal to your garage interior and exterior. And what’s even better, not only do they look pretty, they are an added safety feature.

Focus on the front entrance

Once you have added these curb appeal tips to your garage door, think about adding them you your home’s entrance. Carry through your colour scheme, lighting and style to the front door of your home. There are many different ways to make your home look inviting, warm and welcoming.

How Do I Begin?

Take a good look at all the various styles and materials of garage doors that Doormatic have to offer. Find your favourites by looking at our many examples of completed projects so you can determine exactly what style and material you want to go for.

If you would like anymore information on garage doors and how to boost your all important curb appeal, please do not hesitate to contact us at Doormatic!

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