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Connect Your Garage Doors To The Great Outdoors…

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Connect Your Garage Doors To The Great Outdoors…

Generally, an overhead door will offer a way to connect with the outdoors and allow the outside world to become a part of your home. Although garage doors are mainly intended for functional spaces, some garage doors these days are created with such style and quality, not many homeowners will even consider parking a car inside the garage or anywhere near it!

Why not bring your home to life by connecting your garage doors to the great outdoors? At Doormatic we recommend aluminium for a stunning, sleek modern effect. This material is extremely durable so you can enjoy your bespoke garage for years to come. So then the question, “how do you connect your garage doors to the outdoors?” The answer is simple but effective.  Surround your garage with natural light by fitting glass panels, either clear or frosted, this will fully facilitate the connection to the outdoors.

Below are a couple of inspirational ideas for new garage doors:

Curb Appeal

Upgrading your garage doors will instantly boost the overall look of your home, it’s value and the all important curb appeal. Simply enjoy the comforts of your sofa by leaving the door open for an afternoon.

Battle the weather

For the harsh weather changes that we tend to face in the UK (especially in the summer) you can convert your garage so it can be useful all year round. Think about insulating your garage doors, adding heating appliances and apply weather stripping.

Window Decoration

Did you know that a modernised garage door with panelled sections give a look of a large window? This is a very popular trick customers like to take full advantage of here at Doormatic!

Ceiling Space

High lift door conversions can transform your low ceiling into a high ceiling, adding instant breathing space. Why not ask one of our friendly advisers at Doormatic for information on how a high lift conversion can be performed?


If you live in close proximity with the neighbours on your street, then you might want to create that added bit of privacy in your garage. Simply use solid panels to obscure your interior when closed.

Doormatic garage doors are perfectly suited for storing cars, and just about anything you want! If you would like to find out more information about garage doors, why not give us a call today? We are here to help!

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