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The Most Secure Garage Doors: The Best Types For Security

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The Most Secure Garage Doors: The Best Types For Security

If you were to list what is most important to people when buying a new garage door, security would feature very close to the top. Protecting your home, and the possessions you store in your garage, should always be a primary concern when you invest in something as important as a garage door, but it’s not always easy to tell which type is the most secure garage door available.

most secure garage doors

In this guide, we’ll look at what makes a garage door secure, and which type of garage door will provide the best, most reliable means of protection from break-ins.

How are garage doors broken into?

roller door security

An intruder who passes by a property, scouting for potential weak points, will always pay attention to the type of garage door you have installed. Many people neglect their garage door security, especially if their door has been in place for many years, and an intruder will be able to identify whether a door is robust enough to sustain an attack.

Brute force is one method of intrusion; while not particularly elegant, it can be effective against older doors with noticeable gaps around the edges, weak locking systems, or signs of poor maintenance.

Older doors which simply rely on a weak latch can also be broken into with relative ease. Latches which are secured only by a cable can be manipulated quickly and subtly by an intruder, so if you’re yet to update your garage door to something more modern, then now is the time.

Garage door security features

You should expect a modern garage door to come with a high standard of security features from the outset. Where older models were manufactured with limited locking systems and unguarded weak points — typically along the top of the door — newer models are much better prepared from a security standpoint.

Security features for garage doors include:

  • Multi-point locking systems — relying on a single internal lock is asking for trouble. Modern door models will be fitted with at least two internal locks, with the option for more as an upgrade.
  • Euro profile cylinder lock — This prevents intruders from drilling open the main lock on the door. Think of it as a safety net should someone be able to damage or remove the outer lock on your door.
  • Locking rods — used instead of cables, making it much harder for intruders to bypass.

Automated doors are generally more secure than manual doors thanks to the motor — which will keep the door closed unless opened via remote control. Of course, having an automated door means you need to make sure you don’t lose your remote control, so keep it safe at all times.

The construction of the garage door panel, and how well it was installed, will also dictate how secure it is. You should also look out for specific accreditations to help you figure out whether a certain model is more secure than another. An example of this is opting for an Alluguard roller garage door because of its Secured By Design (SBD) accreditation.


What is the most secure garage door?

Let’s take a look at each garage door type to see if there is a standout. As we’ve said, a modern garage door sold and installed by a reputable supplier, will have a much higher standard when it comes to security, but some types will still be more secure than others.

Roller garage doors

roller garage door

A roller garage door is arguably the most secure type of garage door available, simply because of the nature of its design. The compact installation, with no visible leverage points on the aluminium curtain, immediately poses a tough proposition for intruders. A double skinned roller door will enhance the level of security even further, and for complete peace of mind, you can opt for a model with Secured By Design accreditation.

Sectional garage doors

sectional garage doors security

Like roller doors, it’s the design of sectional garage doors which make them so secure. The incredibly robust panel leaves no leverage points for intruders to take advantage of, meaning it offers reliable protection against all forms of intrusion, brute force and otherwise. When an intruder sees a well-installed sectional door, with no clear sign of weakness, it presents itself as an effective deterrent, which is half the battle.

Up and over garage doors

secure up and over door

Modern up and over garage doors are far more secure than their older models. The security standard for garage doors has improved dramatically over the years, so if you choose an up and over door from a reputable supplier, you’re definitely making an improvement over a model many years old. However, because of the design, it does leave a little more room for intruders to attempt a break-in. The best way to prevent this is to:

  • Augment your door with extra security features, such as an alarm, security camera or motion sensor linked to a light
  • Keep up with maintenance on your door to ensure the frame stays rigid and the panel remains in good, strong condition

Side-hinged garage doors

Not only is a side-hinged garage door ideal for those with accessibility or mobility concerns, but they are also highly secure — particularly insulated models. It is important to ensure that there are multiple locking mechanisms in place to maximise security and provide even stronger protection from brute force attacks.


If security is your primary concern when buying a new garage door, the team at Doormatic Garage Doors is here to advise. We can help you find the ideal high security garage door to suit your home and your lifestyle, providing professional installation of the highest standards. To find out more about the security features of the garage doors we supply across the UK or for more specific garage door prices, contact us today.

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