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5 Simple Garage Door Tips from the Experts

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5 Simple Garage Door Tips from the Experts

Nobody wants to experience the scenario of your automatic garage door, which has served you well and reliably over the years, suddenly decides to go on vacation and leave you stranded.  (Excuse the metaphor…)

However, being you go into meltdown, utter some self-motivating words that will have you stuttering a loonie or two from the “swear pot”, or even worse, you decide to kick down your stubborn garage door. Here are a couple of common garage door tips that could help you figure out your pesky garage door problem.

1. Check out the source of power

Is the motor unit plugged in? Has the fuse blown?  Check the power source for these questions and see if this will instantly solve your problem.

2. Give the remote a once-over

Your garage door remote will be battery operated, and your remotes range can weaken over time. If you suspect this is the sole source of your problems with your garage door issue, simply replace your old batteries with new ones and all should be solved!

3. Check out the limit switch

Most garage doors will have a limit switch which is designed to prevent the door from closing on people, animals and objects. However, if the limit has not been set correctly, your garage door will stop before it even reaches the ground or before it opens fully. Lucky for you, this is simple to fix, all you have to do is give us a call to check it out for you, or if you’re mechanically knowledgeable, you can give us a call for a clear step by step guide.

4. Look out for the safety sensors

You will notice that on either side of your door there are safety sensors that are designed to prevent the door closing on any objections. If the sensor is blocked then the garage door will not close. Check for and clear any obstructions that could be blocking the sensors beam such as debris and dirt. This should solve your problem!

5. Check your door tracks

It’s important to check your door tracks to see if there is anything obstructing them. This could be anything from dry paint to stones, to dirt and debris. Remove them carefully with pressure or force and the problem should be solved.

Give us a call for more help

Although the tips above may solve the most common garage door problems, there are still times where you will need to call an expert – especially if the problem could be putting yours and those around you at risk.

Give us a call today and we’ll happily send our fully trained technicians out to personally inspect your garage door and provide you with the friendly advice you need.

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