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Common Garage Door Break-ins

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Common garage door break ins

Common Garage Door Break-ins

You’ve probably heard the saying that your home is your castle, and so it should be. But despite our best efforts, there are always going to be opportunistic thieves who attempt to break in and steal from us.

One fringe benefit of recent lockdowns was that, overall, break-ins were actually down. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t remain vigilant. This month, at Doormatic Garage Doors, we’re going to look at the common ways thieves break into garages so that you can understand any potential vulnerabilities and how to protect against such incidents.

Common garage door break ins

Forced Entry

Forced entry into a property is a term used to define a break-in that has required a thief to exert some sort of physical pressure to gain entry to a garage. There are two common ways this is done:

  • Door PeelingThis type of break-in isn’t about your paint peeling. Unfortunately, some thieves have taken to bending the corners of garage doors to create a gap. This is possible where leverage can be created and where the garage door material is malleable enough. 
  • Brute Force – A less subtle and more general tactic is for thieves to simply use brute force to push a door inwards, or, if there is already damage to the door, further create a hole into one of the panels of a door to allow access. This tactic relies heavily on weaker garage door materials, while doors that already look run-down will be more readily targeted for ease of access.

A great way to prevent this sort of break-in is to invest in the best garage door material, choosing to upgrade your door when your old one has seen better days. You can also view our piece on additional locks to stop some of these more forceful tactics.

Unlocked Doors

Better than using force, thieves love nothing more than discovering a door is already left unlocked so that it can be lifted or opened without any struggle. Better still, is a garage door that has been left wide open or partially open, exposing your possessions and allowing thieves to decide whether there is anything worth taking before they even attempt the break-in.

The best way to combat this is to be vigilant and ensure you always lock the garage behind you when you leave. Even if you’re going in and out, carrying out chores in the back garden, it can take less than 30 seconds for a thief to try their luck, so always close and lock your garage door when it’s unattended.

Side Door or Window

Some garages are standalone structures, which means they come with a side door or even windows. These can be targeted if they’re out of sight of your main property, so ensure you have them closed and locked properly to make things difficult for would-be thieves. You can also install a motion-detecting security light to put anyone off trying to find their way in via these side entrances at night.

Stolen Keys

More sinister, but thankfully a lot rarer as a source of break-ins, is stolen keys. We’re all pretty careful with our keys and, even if you drop them, the chances of associating a garage door key with a specific property are very low. The best thing you can do is keep your keys on your person or, if they are kept in your house, keep them out of sight. This way, there is very little chance a thief can get their hands on them to gain easy access to the garage. 

If you do lose your keys, it might be worth replacing the garage door lock to be on the safe side. The same applies when you buy a property with a garage since you can never be sure if previous owners have misplaced keys. 

Keyless entry is another option to consider when tackling this problem, with automatic and electric doors available these days. This means you never need your keys again, and you can’t lose what you don’t have in the first place! Smart garage doors also ensure that your phone or WiFi-connected device is your key, improving the security of your home.

Improve the security of your garage with new and replacement garage doors from Doormatic. We supply doors in a range of styles from some of the leading manufacturers, helping you to increase kerb appeal while still protecting the items you keep in your garage. We cover the South East – including Surrey, London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Devon, Hampshire, West Sussex and Kent – with all the latest materials and technology for your next garage door. 

Call today to get a ballpark quote or to arrange a survey where our professional team can offer advice if you’re unsure which garage door is right for your property.

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