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Are Garage Door Defenders Worth It?

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Are garage door defenders worth it

Are Garage Door Defenders Worth It?

Every year there are thefts from homes up and down the country, and while the pandemic saw a fall in the number of thefts, many people still suffered the loss and fear associated with this type of crime.

Garages are one area of the home often targeted by thieves, especially when the garage is not connected to the house itself. This is because it is vulnerable and easier to break into without being caught, while still containing potentially valuable items such as power tools, vehicles, bicycles, appliances and more. 

Are garage door defenders worth it

When seeking a way to combat this and protect belongings, you might look at different products, including the Garage Defender. But is a Garage Defender worth it? This month, we’ll tell you what they are, how they work, whether they’re worth it and give you some other tips for thwarting would-be thieves.

What are garage door defenders?

A Garage Defender is a metal T-bar unit that is locked into place with a padlock and keys. It comes with a metal plate that is secured to the ground in front of your garage. Available in several sizes and dimensions, it is designed to block unauthorised access to a garage.

How do they work?

Garage Defenders work by placing the T-bar directly in front of the garage door. Fixed to the ground in a central position, it will prevent anyone from opening the door outwards until the padlock is opened and the bar removed.

Are they actually worth it?

While anything you can do to deter thieves is a good idea, plenty of people ask whether the Garage Defender is actually worth the money you have to pay. This is ultimately up to you and how much you’re willing to pay, but here are some factors to consider:

  • Does it suit your door type? If you have a sliding garage door, sectional garage door or a roller garage door, a T-bar isn’t going to stop the door from opening since none of these open outwards anyway.
  • Is one bar going to work? The single bar, placed centrally, usually won’t stop thieves from peeling the door at the corners, which is the more vulnerable spot.
  • Is it fully secured? Some defenders don’t come with many bolts, which means the plate could be prised from the ground given the right tools. Likewise, if the padlock is exposed, someone could tamper with this element if they have enough time.
  • Do you have the time? If you’re juggling work, the school run and several other tasks, the last thing you want is another time-consuming component to struggle with and carry keys for.

Ultimately, a Garage Defender might be good as part of a general strategy to deter thieves, but some vulnerabilities can be exposed. Most importantly though, they’re quite clearly not the greatest thing to spend your money on if you have anything other than a standard up and over garage door or a side-hinged garage door.

Alternative garage door security options

For better garage door security, there are a few other things you can look at that may prove to be a more logical investment.

The first thing to do is to get a garage door with the latest locking technology. This is a basic point, but many garages out there are old and use weaker latches. If you were looking to break into a garage, would you choose the brand new one or the one that looks older and weaker? Older doors have older latches, making them easier to break.

You can go one step further here and look into the most secure garage doors types overall. We recommend roller garage doors, as the sides are covered and protected, preventing anyone from trying to peel the door outwards. Sectional garage doors also provide a robust front due to the strength of the interconnected panels, ensuring resistance to any attempt at brute force intrusion.

And if you worry about losing your keys, unwittingly giving someone access to your garage, opt for a smart garage door. These use keyless technology and allow you to open and close the door from your smart device – no more missing keys to fret over!

Find out more about the most secure door types in our previous post.

Here at Doormatic Garage Doors, we know how important home security is – especially now that lockdown is over and more people are away from their homes than in the last two years. That’s why we provide a wide variety of garage doors to choose from with the latest locking technology, all manufactured from high-quality materials to help deter thieves. 

Does your garage let you down? Don’t let old garage doors become a target for thieves – call today and get your free quote for a new garage door in Surrey, Kent, London, Hampshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Sussex or anywhere in the South East!

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