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Are Roller Garage Doors Secure?

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Are Roller Garage Doors Secure?

Yes! Roller garage doors are one of the most secure garage door types on the market — as long as you’re buying from a reputable manufacturer. Your home is your castle and you want to know that anything you keep in your garage – and the rest of your home if they’re connected – is safe day and night, whether you’re there or not.

But don’t just take our word for it. Allow us to walk you through the reasons why roller garage doors are so secure.

Are roller garage doors secure

Why are roller doors more secure?

To understand why roller garage doors lead the way on security, you’ve got to look at their design. The materials used, how it’s built and how it’s installed all play a part. Here’s how that breaks down for roller doors, feature by feature:

  • Handless design – Without a handle set into the middle of the door, there isn’t a way for a would-be thief to pick or jimmy the lock. It also means there aren’t keys to lose, which would usually give someone another opportunity to easily break in — only you can get in with your remote or via an app function.
  • Fitted hood cover – Were a roller door simply left to hang, it would leave space for someone to attack the top of the door, but since our doors are covered with a hood (or fitted behind the frame of the door opening) that removes this specific threat.
  • Vertical guides – You’ll notice that roller garage doors are set within vertical guides, usually made from robust materials to keep the door sturdy and prevent it from being prised open. Alternatively, we can install the door with the guides behind the structure of your garage opening, providing another layer of protection.
  • Slat strength – Roller doors are made from multiple slats – or ribs – and the relative strength of the door can depend a lot on the material these are made from. We use only the strongest materials to ensure that the bursting of the shutter is near impossible without extreme force.
  • Visual strength – Don’t underestimate the look of a garage door. Roller doors look strong because they are, with no discernable entry points or handles, a door opening completely sealed is a lot more challenging to a thief than doors where there are handles, windows or visible gaps to exploit.
  • Anti-lift design – All our roller doors come with anti-lift technology, meaning that you can’t simply lift the roller shutter like you used to be able to with cheap doors. 

Thieves are often opportunistic, looking for ways to get into your property. With that in mind, the more ways you can seal off and secure your garage with the latest design and technology, the less chance you give them. That’s why we’re always looking at the latest innovations in garage doors, allowing us to bring you the best products and advice.

Are all roller doors made equal?

The simple answer is no, roller doors aren’t all secure. There will be many companies out there offering single-skin roller doors, which are flimsy and cheap. These doors are much easier to break into with sheer force or a few tools.

At Doormatic Garage Doors, we only supply roller garage doors from leading manufacturers and our doors are approved by the Secured By Design scheme, an official police security initiative. This means our garage doors have been tested and meet specific standards for resistance against burglary and theft. Who better to advise on the deterrence and prevention of theft than the police?

We serve Surrey, Kent, Berkshire, Devon, Hampshire, West Sussex, London and Buckinghamshire, bringing you high-quality doors to secure your home with. To learn more about the security features of our doors or to get your free quote for a roller garage door, simply call today or use our handy form at the bottom of this page to tell us what you’re after. 

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