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Top Secret Tips On How To Care for Your Garage Door

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Top Secret Tips On How To Care for Your Garage Door

Here at Doormatic, we service a wide range of homes from the modernist to the traditional homes with the wooden garage doors. (If purchased from Doormatic of course) These doors tend to be well made and are able to stand the test of time. However, as the years go by and they age over time, they can become difficult to repair or replace. This is usually because finding parts that are no outdated can be extremely rare to find. Whatever the style or type of garage door you have you can be sure that there is a garage door to suit any home and any budget.

If you do have an older style wooden garage door, you probably will have noticed that its difficult to spare the time to care for it and keep it maintained properly. Doormatic are going to share with you some of the secret tips from the experts themselves and show you how to make your wooden garage door last even longer:

1.   Did you know that wooden garage doors are surprisingly versatile, meaning you can change the entire look by its colour and stain as often as you wish. Once you notice your garage door has begun to flake and peel, you will need to paint and stain it so it can brave those chilly rainy climates! To insure you do this successfully, you will need to make sure you use a high quality product that is designed for outdoor usage. Make sure you sand down your door and clean it before you carry out any paintwork.

2.   You should be giving your garage door a once over at least once a year. This includes checking all working parts are in full working order such as the springs, hinges, door tracks and rollers and other essential components. Be sure to top up these parts with a good lubricant – a silicone spray lubricant works best!

3.   Be sure to look out for any loose parts such as screws, nuts and bolts. If you check for this on a regular basis you should be able to prevent costly damages that may occur in the future.

4.   Thoroughly inspect your garage door tracks and be sure to check that they are equally lined up with the rollers. If they become unbalanced, it can cause them to catch and create a jolting movement.

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