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How To Secure a Garage Door

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How To Secure a Garage Door

Garage door security isn’t always on everyone’s minds as much as it should be. Considering that many people keep different types of valuables in their garage, it’s important to ensure the space is secured. Whether you park your car inside or keep tools, gym equipment or keepsakes in your garage, we’re here at Doormatic to provide some key tips on how to secure a garage door.

These tips can go a long way to preventing garage door break-ins, and while there is no guaranteed way to keep thieves at bay, you’re less likely to have valuable and important things stolen if you put some thought into protecting your garage.

How to secure a garage door

Quality garage door locks

Graphic of a garage door lock

Every garage door should come with a high-quality locking mechanism to ensure that thieves can’t get quick, easy access to your garage. At Doormatic, we know how important the security of your property is, which is why we provide garage doors from leading manufacturers, using the latest locking technology. We even provide automated garage doors that you can open and close securely with the touch of a button.

It should go without saying that securing your garage door with a lock means checking you’ve locked it manually to avoid leaving it open and free to access – after all, it’s no good having the best locking system if you don’t use it.

Consider the door style

The style of garage door you choose can often play into how easily thieves gain access, with certain styles offering a more robust defence than others. This is something you might want to consider if you know of break-ins or attempted break-ins happening in your area. Our roller door and sectional garage door models provide the best defence, as the doors sit inside small recesses at each side of the opening (allowing for the raising and lowering). This means they’re less likely to be targeted by thieves who might otherwise attempt to peel the door back from the bottom corners.

Door defender

If you’re looking to bolster your garage door, you can always add to your security with a door defender. This is a bolt added to the floor in front of your door that will prevent the door from being opened without the padlock being unlocked and the bolt removed. It also provides a visual deterrent for would-be thieves, as they may well think twice about attempting a break-in on a property where security has been taken seriously.

Garage door bolts

If you’re not keen on a bolt outside of your garage, you could also consider adding additional bolts on the inside of the garage door. These act like extra locks – usually one in each lower corner of the door – and mean that the corners of an up and over garage door can’t be easily peeled for access.

Maintain your door

Thieves will select their target based on how easily they think they can get in and out of your garage. If you have a run-down door, one that sits wonky in the frame or has been heavily weathered, it’s a sure sign that it’s likely to be weaker and easier to attack. The flipside of this is that a clean, well-maintained garage door will present a strong front, so you should never skimp on maintenance and repairs when your garage requires it. Maintaining your door will not only keep it looking good, but might just see thieves overlook your garage in favour of an easier target.

Did you know?

According to the Office for National Statistics, in the year 2019-2020, most home break-ins occurred on weekdays, with the most likely time for a break-in being at night (between midnight and 6am). 

Professional installation & maintenance from Doormatic

Graphic of workman installing a secure garage door

With decades of experience in fitting and maintaining garage doors, there’s no one better in the South East to help you secure your property. Whether you need a new garage door to replace an older, worn door so you can protect your possessions or some professional maintenance to bring your existing door back up to scratch, we’re on hand to help.

Contact us today for a free, easy ballpark quote on a new garage door or to enquire about repairs and maintenance for your garage door in Surrey, Kent, Berkshire, Devon, Hampshire, West Sussex, London or Buckinghamshire.

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